Train SSP officers in emergency medicine

MORELIA, Mich., April 30, 2021.- Guaranteeing the well-being of Michoacans is a task that requires commitment, professionalism and, above all, dedication, before this, officials from the Michoacán Police, from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), have been trained in pre-hospital care techniques, to provide the quality services that the population requires.

According to a press release, the timely reaction at the time of an accident, or in the event of a risk situation, is essential to maintain the lives of the victims and thus be able to provide first aid care prior to the arrival of the rescue bodies.

This is the main function of prehospital medicine, with which the elements of the Michoacán Police have been trained by the person in charge of the Environmental Division, Hugo Isaías Pico Vázquez.

To instruct the police personnel, the commander has trained in this area and replicated the knowledge to his colleagues, a preparation backed by certifications issued by the Foundation of Military Nurses and the World Association of Tactical Medicine based in Colombia.

“Providing first aid, such as controlling bleeding, applying bandages, tourniquets, wound tamponade, even amputations, are part of the medical services necessary to maintain stable quality of those who are injured and thus prioritize their arrival at the hospital alive. ”Said Pico Vázquez.

Similarly, the head of the Environmental Division affirmed that one of the main techniques to cope with dangerous situations is self-care, in order to give firm answers if required during the performance of the functions of the police officers.

Likewise, the commander of said group emphasized that, in the fight against crime, the security elements expose their lives, to a number of possible injuries and wounds and that is where self-care techniques are applied, to be able to fend for themselves and react appropriately for the well-being of yourself and your peers.

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