Sport Trainer Hansi Flick disagrees with Jürgen Klinsmann

Trainer Hansi Flick disagrees with Jürgen Klinsmann


FC Bayern suffered their first loss of points in the second half against RB Leipzig last Sunday.

Now it goes to 1. FC Köln, which lost in 2020. Bayern coach Hansi Flick looks ahead to the game and talks about the personnel situation. The press conference for reading in the ticker: (Bundesliga: 1. FC Köln – FC Bayern Sun. from 3.30 p.m. in the SPORT1 live ticker)

+++ that’s it +++

The press conference is over.

+++ Flick over contact to Heynckes +++

“After my time as sports director, we had a lot of contact. At the moment it is relatively little because I also have a lot to do. The last time we spoke on the phone before Christmas.”

+++ Flick over Odriozola +++

“We needed a backup. We played a very successful second half of the season. It is clear that you don’t change much after a short preparation. If you don’t have English weeks, you change your team little. He does it very well, trains a lot good. He takes on his role. It is important that we have this option. “

+++ Flick over Klinsmann vortex +++

“I am neither on Facebook nor on Instagram, so that can not work for me,” says Flick about the fuss surrounding Jürgen Klinsmann and comments on his coaching image: “Trainer and sports director are two completely different professions. What is decisive is which philosophy I have to oblige my players and my coach to implement them. As a coach you also want to have an influence on the players who come, but that has to be done in consultation. You have to be comfortable with it on both sides very quickly that a coach is gone, then a new one comes who wants four or five other players again. It is important to find a good balance. What is important is what the club wants to stand for and what values ​​it conveys want.”

+++ Flick on communication +++

“It is important to take everyone with me. I don’t know if I always do it so well. But at the moment it is the case that the players come to me and ask why they are not playing or what they can do better We coaches are there to make players better, so I always have to have a suggestion in my pocket. “

+++ Flick over team atmosphere +++

“It is important that you have a good team around you. It is important that you have security there. In addition, communication is extremely important. Only when I communicate can I gain knowledge of how the other is doing. It is important to me that things can be addressed openly. We have such a culture at the moment, so I think that is the right way. As long as you win, everything is fine anyway, “says Flick.

+++ Flick over Ulreich +++

“Before the Tottenham game it was an issue to let him play. But we chose Manuel,” says Flick about Sven Ulreich: “He is absolutely top in terms of attitude and training performance. We are therefore very satisfied, to have such a second goalkeeper. “

+++ Flick over Club World Cup +++

“The players are the ones who suffer the most, but it’s all very far away. You have to make sure that it is reasonable for the players. But I can’t decide things. This is futuristic and I’m not interested now,” says Flick SPORT1– Demand for the Club World Cup.

+++ Flick over Coman and Hernández +++

“We are happy that it went quickly for both of them. They both do really well in training. We don’t yet know 100 percent whether it is enough for 90 minutes. It is clear that they need game practice. Whether they come in or play from the beginning “We’ll talk about it later. When the English weeks begin, they should be at 100 percent. We’ll do it,” says Flick.

+++ Flick over the defense +++

“David has played left-back for years. It is nothing special whether three right-footers or three left-footers play now (in defense, editors’ note). The crucial thing is that it has to fit,” says Flick.

+++ Flick over Cologne +++

“It’s a team that can hurt a lot if you’re careless,” says Flick of Cologne. It was important to avoid switching the Cologne quickly.

+++ Flick: Neuer and Davies fit again +++

“He took part in the training as normal, all ailments are over. Except Javi Martínez and Niklas Süle, all the men on board,” says Flick. He also gave the all-clear at Davies.

+++ The press conference begins +++

Flick gets started.

+++ Neuer sets off with training +++

Captain Manuel Neuer had to stop training three days before the Bundesliga game at 1. FC Köln. The keeper was absent on Thursday due to a gastrointestinal infection.

+++ Kimmich and Davies fit again +++

National player Joshua Kimmich resumed training with the record champions on Thursday after taking a break due to an infection. Alphonso Davies also trained fully after problems with his left ankle.


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