Training, contract of trust: how François Ruffin wants to reform the police

“No more police, but better police. This is the warning launched by François Ruffin, the deputy La France insoumise de la Somme, while the executive is facing a political crisis combining the opposition of the left and that of a part of the majority against the violence police officers and article 24 of the proposed law on “global security”, which provides for penalizing the malicious dissemination of the image of the police.

“What is essential is to restore confidence between the population and the police,” declares the free electron of the rebels. “The police must be accountable, insists François Ruffin. Not only in front of the IGPN, but also in front of the Parliament and the press. The only guarantee that citizens have today are precisely the images taken with cell phones. This is why the government must abandon article 24 but also the entire text on global security. “

“This training, even the police ask for it”

On the strength of the work he had undertaken during the yellow vests crisis and which had led in the spring to a bill (which was ultimately never adopted by the deputies of the majority), François Ruffin believes that At the heart of this contract of trust, a strengthening of the initial and continuing training of police officers is essential. “We heard from many experts, including Sebastian Roché, criminologist and former trainer in police academies, as well as representatives of the Police Directorate and that of the gendarmerie, specifies the deputy. And this training, even the police demand it. Unlike the gendarmerie, whose doctrine and intervention methods are clear, the police remain in the dark. “

What should be the role of the police with regard to their legitimate monopoly on violence? What is the model of authority and what should be the relational techniques vis-à-vis citizens? So many unresolved questions which generate, according to François Ruffin, a “total laissez-faire which means that it is no longer the State which holds the police but the police which holds the State.” “

“The gendarmerie knows very well in the name of what and why it intervenes, insists the former journalist. The right to film and broadcast images is also clearly authorized and accepted by the gendarmes, who understood that it was also a means of protecting them. For the police, there was a model from the time of Jean-Pierre Chevènement (Editor’s note: Minister of the Interior from 1997 to 2000), which was that of proximity, and under Nicolas Sarkozy, which was that of numbers. Today, the police decide on their own model! “

VIDEO. Global Security Law: Castaner announces “a new writing” of article 24

A behavior that would manifest itself, in emergency situations as in daily operations. “The place of identity checks, in number and by their targeting of minorities, has a disproportionate place in France compared to other countries of the European Union, denounces François Ruffin. They are experienced as banal acts by the police but felt as very violent by a part of the population. The Insoumis thus proposes a precise census of the number of these controls.

To lay the foundations for this new contract of confidence, the deputy wants the meeting of the States-General between ministers, police unions, parliamentarians, political parties, victims’ associations and NGOs. As well as, like the 17th chamber for press law, the establishment of special chambers within the courts, for relations between the police and the citizens.

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