Transbaikalia completely restored the movement of trains on the Transsib :: Society :: RBK

The movement of passenger trains on the bridge on the Trans-Siberian Railway was completely restored by floods in Transbaikalia. About it it says on the Russian Railways Telegram channel.

“The movement of trains on the railway bridge across the Areda River in the Trans-Baikal Territory has been fully restored. The second track is open, ”RZD reported.

Russian Railways began selling train tickets after the opening of traffic on the Trans-Siberian Railway

According to the head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov, the work ended faster than planned. He also announced the need to build a new bridge to ensure long-term and safe operation. “We have to cope with this task within 6-9 months,” added the CEO of the company.

Collapse of the bridge on the Transsib happened July 23, near the village of Nizhnaya Kuenga in the Trans-Baikal Territory, on the Kuenga-Ukurei stretch. The collapse was caused by heavy torrential rains in the region. As a result, no one was hurt.


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