Transformation of a former heroin addict who has not used for three years

Drug addiction is a problem that does not distinguish race, sex, or economic status. Madison McManus knew that world when she was just 15 years old, on the streets of New Jersey, U.S

For a decade he could not escape the clutches of heroin and, as expected, drugs, the street and even arrests for illegal possession began to leave marks on his body.

At 18 she became pregnant. She was sober for nine months of gestation, but her addiction was bigger: “I dropped out of school and gave up temporary custody of my daughter, I just couldn’t stop using.”.

From that moment began six years of darkness for Madison, going through situations that she is not yet ready to reveal, but from which she was finally able to free herself thanks to an addiction program, which she met in jail.

Three years have passed since the young woman last tried the drug. Despite this, I still continues to fight to regain custody of his daughter, who is now 9 years old.

“It was such an enriching feeling to see that I was the problem, and that Nothing would change until I changed. Today I have an inner peace and a tranquility that cannot be expressed in words, ”he told the Daily Mail newspaper.

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photographs of what Madison currently looks like.

With a much better demeanor, send a message of improvement: “This life is short, it is meant to live, not to exist trapped in a disease that makes you feel empty. Keep fighting, this new way of life is beautiful. And always remember to be grateful, humble and open and accept whatever comes your way. “

“There is something bigger for you, you can do it!”

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