Transmilenio and SITP tickets will continue to cost the same in 2021

Claudia Lopez confirmed in the program ‘Ask Yamid’ that during 2021 the fares of the tickets of Transmilenio Y SITP they will not have any modification. So things, each trip in the red buses will continue with a cost of 2,500 pesos, while the routes in the blue buses will maintain a value of 2,300 pesos.

“Bogotans will have the same rate they have been paying”stated the mayor tonight.

In recent days, the Council was beginning to develop a debate about how convenient or not it was to raise the cost of public transport tickets in Bogota this year. The majority of lobbyists assured that this should not be the case, and finally the Mayor’s Office agreed.

Pulzo contacted Transmilenio at the time and they confirmed that, to date, there were no measures signed to increase the rate of the mass transport of the capital. However, they also clarified that the usual analysis was being done every year to evaluate the issue, although they insisted that “there is still no determination in this regard.”

Transmilenio ticket cost today

The fare for each trip on the trunk buses is $ 2,500, at any time and day, but keep in mind the following exceptions, that Transmilenio explained on its website:

  • There are discounts and special rates, so the cost of the ticket for seniors is $ 2,160 and for Sisben, $ 1,800.
  • The disabled people do not have a discount because “they receive a subsidy from monthly subscribers to the card”, which is just over $ 20,000.
  • No child under three years of age pays fare, because there is an order of the Constitutional Court in this regard.

Do Transmilenio transfers have a cost?

There are two types of transshipment that have no cost in this public transport system: those from Transmilenio to urban or zonal bus, and those from urban service to urban service. For its part, the change from an urban service to a Transmilenio has a cost of 200 pesos.

These values ​​apply to those who have their personalized card, only for 110 minutes, counted from the first payment, and a maximum of two transfers.


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