Transmilenio stations close due to national strike demonstrations

The night gatherings of this Saturday, May 8, framed in the days of protest of the national strike, they were seen at points like at the intersection of Los Héroes, where the Caracas, 80 and Autopista Norte trunks converge, road corridors in which the buses could not complete their routes.

There were also points of concentration of citizens in southern areas of the Colombian capital, such as Bosa and close to the portals of Tunal, Usme and the Americas, among other places.

That is how Transmilenio informed through its information channels that the following stations and portals were left without service:

  • From Calle 26 (Caracas) to Prado (Autopista Norte).
  • Las Aguas, Ricaurte, Paloquemao and CAD.
  • Santa Lucia, Park and Library.
  • Portals of Usme, Tunal and the Americas.
  • Feeder routes on Calle 80.
  • No dual services for the Seventh.

Demonstrations block Transmilenio

On video, congregations in different sectors of Bogota:


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