TransMilenio wins millionaire card lawsuit inherited from Gustavo Petro – Investigative Unit

TransMilenio has just been notified of a millionaire arbitration ruling that will save the company nearly 14,000 million pesos.

The decision is related to a lawsuit inherited from the Gustavo Petro administration for the use of TransMilenio cards, which was varied by a decree issued by the senator today and by the entry into operation of Phase III.

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The decision has not transpired because TransMilenio is immersed in the controversy over the color change of electric buses, which would cost more than 5,000 million pesos.

However, the fight dates back to 2014, when the charges and cards of the mass transit system varied.

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Indeed, the firm Angecol assured that it had to incur higher costs for the acquisition of cards so that users could move through the system, after Petro implemented, by decree, the ‘Pico y Valle’ charge.

Then a new change came, with the entry of Phase III, to which Angelcom aspired.

According to the lawyers of that firm, there was a clear economic imbalance within the contract and a breach that, in white silver, cost them about 10,000 million pesos in the acquisition of additional cards.

That amount, as of today, is already around 14,000 million pesos, plus interest.

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However, the arbitration award has just ruled in favor of TransMilenio by noting that in the contract with Angelcom it was clear that that firm had to assume the risks of the operation, among which the entry of other actors and the change of cards is noted.

Thus, they found no legal basis for the amount that Angelcom was claiming. In addition, it accepted all the arguments presented by the defense of TransMilenio, represented by the lawyer Juan Camilo Neira.

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In fact, it ordered Angelcom to pay the costs of the process and the court, a sum that can amount to about 800 million pesos.

However, there is still a pending lawsuit in the contentious courts in which Angelcom demanded the award of Phase III.

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