Transmilenio: Woman was attacked with a chemical on her face

A woman She was attacked with a chemical that was thrown in her face at the General Santander Transmilenio station this Friday, assured the Secretariat for Women of the Bogotá mayor’s office.

The head of that portfolio, Diana Rodriguez Franco, rejected what happened and announced that The District provides all kinds of support to the victim of the attack that occurred in that transportation system.

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“This violence is one of the worst types of violence against women, leaves important consequences on the physical and mental health of the victims. In addition, it leaves irreparable damage to his life, that of his family and his surroundings, “he said.

“Not only do we signal a profound rejection of what happened in this case but we are alerting the whole of society about the need to denature and stop justifying violence against women“he added.

“With our psychosocial and legal support we will do all the defense and we will seek the full weight of the law against the aggressor“, sentenced the secretary, rejecting what happened in the south of the Colombian capital.

The District recommended that in the event of such an attack, the authorities should be reported and the victims transferred to receive health care. Witnesses should not be contaminated with these chemicals, the person should not be submerged in water, or use soaps with bleach.

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Only water should be used and not different solutions, as well as avoid rubbing, ice, medicines, creams, tearing clothing and it is necessary to remove accessories used by the victim.

The Mayor’s Office stated that these cases, judged by law, They could lead to penalties of between 30 and 50 years in prison, depending on some aggravating factors.


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