Travel agencies ask to keep ERTE until Easter 2021

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The federation of travel agencies Fetave has asked the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce that the ERTE in the tourism sector extend, at least, until December 31, an extension that in the case of agencies should go until Easter from 2021.

In this way, companies will be able to integrate their workers in a harmonized way with the recovery of their activity, Fetave said in a statement, in which he also recalls that he has requested that the guarantees of the ICO lines reach 90% and, in the cases of freelancers, SMEs and special situations, up to 100%.

The department headed by Reyes Maroto has been receptive to these issues, adds the note, and the minister has expressed her support for the extension of the validity of the ERTE for the tourism sector within the tripartite table for social dialogue, CEOE-CEPYME , Unions and Government, highlights Fetave.

Likewise, travel agencies trust that the Government will adopt the recommendations of the European Commission to facilitate the liquidity of the sector by regulating an increase in the reimbursement period, impossible to assume in the current terms. Among the recommendations of the EC, Fetave highlights the acceptance of travel vouchers and the endorsement via ICO of the bonds of tour operators.

The Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV), for its part, which met last Friday with Reyes Maroto, has asked that the ERTE be extended until September 15, and has endorsed the demand for travel vouchers; likewise, it is necessary to extend the aid to the self-employed and maintain the ICO credits.

The CEAV sees the quarantine of tourists as “excessive”, and is inclined to make bilateral agreements with key issuing markets for Spain, as well as establish alternative measures such as carrying out payment tests upon arrival at airports. .


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