Travel despite Corona: Four countries open borders for vaccinated people

Europe Traveling despite Corona

Four countries open their borders to Covid-19 vaccinated people

There are still many open questions about the planned EU vaccination certificate. But the first countries are already opening their borders to travelers who have been vaccinated against Corona. Many tourism experts expect that many countries will do this in the future.

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“Even the first vaccination has an effect”

The planned EU vaccination certificate is fueling the discussion about special rights for vaccinated people. In principle, it should be ensured that vaccinated people are not carriers. Epidemiologist Prof. Timo Ulrichs explains the findings so far.

When the EU heads of government postponed the decision on a uniform digital vaccination passport that would give corona-vaccinated people freedom of movement and travel on Thursday, the first countries worldwide are opening their borders to travelers with corona vaccinations. There are currently four countries: the Seychelles, the Republic of Moldova, Iceland and Poland.

According to the Foreign Office, you can enter the Seychelles without quarantine if you have proof of two vaccination doses and at least two weeks have passed since the vaccination. According to travel and safety instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moldova requires official confirmation that the Covid-19 vaccination is confirmed, so that the 14-day quarantine can be bypassed.

Iceland waives testing and quarantine for travelers who can present a vaccination certificate from the European Economic Area. And Poland is the first country in the EU to suspend the ten-day quarantine for people who, according to the Federal Foreign Office, “can prove that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19”.

A vaccination against Covid-19 could significantly increase the possibility of travel

A vaccination against Covid-19 could significantly increase the possibility of travel

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Greece, Spain and Portugal, who are calling for an EU vaccination passport to be introduced quickly in order to save the upcoming 2021 tourist season, have not yet decided to make entry easier for corona vaccinated people.

Entry only with a vaccination against Corona?

Meanwhile, the vast majority of the tourism industry expects that in the future many countries will make entry dependent on a vaccination against the coronavirus. This was the result of a survey by the online portal among more than 1,300 tourists, almost three quarters of whom consider it to be predominantly or very likely that numerous countries prefer to give vaccinated persons entry.

70 percent believe that in the future only vaccinated people will be allowed to travel around the world until the corona pandemic is over. 67 percent of the survey participants assume that airlines will soon only allow vaccinated people on board. 47 percent consider corresponding rules in the hotel industry to be likely.

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The Australian airline Qantas announced in November that travelers on international flights would have to present proof of vaccination. A date was not mentioned – a prerequisite for the measure is that certified vaccines are available in sufficient quantities. Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr believes that an option between a corona test or proof of vaccination is likely on intercontinental flights.

The world aviation organization IATA, which represents 290 airlines worldwide, is already developing a digital health pass for travelers. The document is to contain certificates of vaccination status and corona test results in the form of an app and to provide airlines and border authorities with information. IATA plans to introduce it in the first quarter of 2021.

EU countries are looking for a common vaccination strategy

The vaccinations are only progressing slowly in Germany. The EU states want to develop a common strategy for the next few months in the pandemic. The ambitious goal: 70 percent of adults should be vaccinated by summer.

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