Travelers in Bogotá accelerate digital sale of bus tickets for Holy Week

The conclusion of the analysis is that the “intention to travel by bus for Easter grows 300%”, and one of the strong data that supports this projection is that in the first two months of 2021 the digital sales of tickets they registered “a growth close to 25%”, with respect to the same period of the previous year.

Another significant way of looking at this figure is that “a fifth of these tickets are being traded from the mobile application”, and this is confirmed by a report from the company, which serves as an intermediary for travelers to purchase their tickets safely and without leaving home, with more than 30 transport companies available.

The projection in the growth of travel for the Easter season is also due to the fact that between January and February more than 100,000 travelers bought tickets online, and to this is added the campaign that was launched from the land terminal to “boost tourism by bus ”to different parts of the country.

Nevertheless, digital sales figures would reflect what may be happening at the company windows at the transportation terminal.

According to the study, among the most desired destinations by travelers departing from Bogotá are Antioquia, Meta, and Tolima, and Valle del Cauca, Santander, Quindío and Huila appear in the following places.

Family and business trips, what is most projected at Easter

The main motivation of the vast majority of travelers, and this is an estimated 50%, is to visit their family and friends from those who have been distanced by the pandemic, and that is why companies and digital platforms continue to provide advantages to those who make their purchases digitally.

“The technology applied to transport not only allows us to monitor and better manage, it also makes us more efficient and provides companies and passengers with greater security,” said one of the co-founders of Pinbus, who highlighted that at this time “inter-municipal transport is entering a new stage of recovery ”.

And that recovery for the transport companies that provide their land services has occurred gradually, and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism said This reactivation had to be “a commitment of all”: Government, companies and users.

But while companies do the math and project on how to make the whole process easier for travelers, the Ministry of Health warns that if they do not comply with the biosecurity standards and measures, the Easter could turn into a painful time on account of the pandemic.

Even so, the inhabitants of Bogotá and other regions of the country are eager to travel and accelerate the digital purchase of land tickets so as not to run out of space on the bus.


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