Traveling the world alone – that is the best vacation

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Alone in the distance – this is the best vacation

Those who travel unaccompanied are usually only pityed by others. It is much easier to travel alone than with a partner or a group. Couples should also try this out – they are guaranteed to recover better.

That is why Germans like to travel alone

Strolling lonely along a beach or hiking through untouched landscapes. According to a survey, 12 percent of Germans like to travel alone. Her motive: “Willingness to experiment”. A look at further surveys shows what is really meant by this.

“You are pitiful.” “He has to go out alone to see something of the world.” “Nobody wants to accompany him.” I have often heard friends and relatives speak in this tone when I told them that I would go traveling alone again.

But they are all wrongly wound – for me it is not a stopgap solution to be traveling alone, but a thoroughly relaxed form of travel. There is only one thing to keep in mind: you have to be able to cope with yourself. The wise saying of Jean-Paul Sartre still applies today: “If you feel lonely when you are alone, then you are in bad company.”

So if you would invite yourself to dinner, you are in good company, and traveling alone is definitely an option. Especially since it is incredibly easy – much easier than vacationing with a partner or even with a group.

If you want to share highlights on vacation, like here in Sardinia, you don’t need a travel companion

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You don’t have to compromise, only what you want will happen on your trip. You don’t have to let anyone fool you into saying that the hotel is too expensive, that it is not pretty enough and that it is far too far from the beach. You can get up as early or late as you like and do not have to depend on your spouse or other travel companion. And: Nobody steals your duvet or snores you awake!

Vacation for two involves many risks

Now, you might object: my partner would never let this be done to him, and there is still a little bit of love between us. Yes, yes, such objections are to be expected.

On the other hand, if the suggestion to go on vacation separately seems like a swan song for your relationship, isn’t it all too good? Perhaps a separate vacation would bring a breath of fresh air into the time after the vacation?

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Of course, it is possible that you are one of the lucky ones where all couples holidays are consistently perfect. Then I would like to congratulate you – and assure you that I do not believe you.

In any case, I don’t know a single couple with whom this is the case. She likes the sea, he likes the mountains; she prefers roasting, he prefers climbing. This is the rule that can only be solved by doing without someone (and constantly in a bad holiday mood), or by recovering separately and coming back in a good mood.

Singles should take the chance

Are you single anyway? Then it is also high time to book and go on your next solo vacation. Because who knows how long you’ll be alone. Perhaps in the next few months you will find the long-awaited love of your life – and you will have to share your holiday happiness with someone, see above.

Anyone who is afraid of being looked at incorrectly as a solo traveler simply drives to a western country. Here being single is part of everyday life, here nobody asks stupid questions about wedding rings and offspring when you are sitting somewhere alone. Trust the widespread indifference.

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And if you have a legitimate desire to share your experience with someone on the go: go ahead! Post on Facebook or Instagram, put selfies in WhatsApp groups, write postcards. The main thing is that those who stayed at home find out how well you are, alone, very far away, on the best of all vacations.

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