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The two players with the most offensive rebounds on the Golden State Warriors team, do you know who they are?

The only player in the team who can be considered a center, but he is only 6 feet 9 inches, but he can not lose to anyone. This answer must be the first thing that fans who follow the game think of: Kevon Looney!

But what about the other player? If you don’t look up the data, you should think it’s the general Draymond Green, or the equally hard-working Gary Payton ll, but if you look up the data, these two people only ranked first in the team with an average of 1 per game. 4 or 5.

Most people should not have thought that the third place for the Warriors is actually the commonly known as Andrew Wiggins, who ranks third in the team with 1.2 points.

Speaking of Andrew Wiggins, I believe many fans want to know the performance of Jonathon Kuminga. He ranks 6th and 7th on the team tied with Nemanja Bjelica with an average of 0.8 per game. If the data is changed to after having stable playing time in February , this data will rise to 1.2.

But…still can’t beat Otto Porter Jr., who is second on the team with 1.3 offensive rebounds all season.


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Otto Porter Jr. Georgetown (Georgetown) graduated from college and was the third overall pick in the 2013 draft. It was an insurance safety card at the beginning, although there were many experienced Mesozoic and veteran players in front of him in the past two years, such as Trevor Ariza, etc. People, the last three seasons in the Wizards have averaged a dozen points per game, which is a relatively average performance.

Although the 2018-19 season suffered from injuries, it also proved to the world why it was the third overall pick. In 15 games for the Bulls alone, the all-round data of 17 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists was handed in, but at the same time these two seasons, the Bulls have Both suffered from injuries during the Magic period and joined the Warriors after the 20-21 season.

To sum up these few seasons, in short, there has never been a season where the three-point shooting rate was less than 36% since gaining stable playing time, including several seasons with a 40% shooting rate, which was once the top in the league. One of the contact points.

However, injured soldiers are always the biggest factor affecting a player’s career. Because of injuries, he only joined the Warriors with a basic salary contract this season. Although he received the basic salary voluntarily, the actual amount is still far from the 30 million contract in his peak period. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise!

With 8.2 points, 5.2 rebounds and 1.6 assists, from the previous offensive choice, he has now become the role of helping teammates to block people and hand over hands. After such a big change in role, he has not complained in the slightest, and hard work is synonymous with the best.

Especially in terms of offensive rebounding, he is also only 6 feet 8 inches tall, but his attitude of fighting with all his strength is really admirable!


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Kevon Looney who has followed him knows that he was the same as many talented people during his student days. He was once crowned with the title of Little KD, but unfortunately, he was also like many players called Little KD, Destroyed by injuries, such as Perry Jones who came to Taipei Fubon Warriors to play recently lll…

How much help can Fubon Warriors Xinyang general Perry Jones lll bring to the Warriors?

At UCLA, when he was studying at the time, the coach did not tailor the tactics for him, resulting in mediocre college results, 11.6 points, 9.2 rebounds and 1.4 assists, and because of injuries, the predicted ranking slipped all the way from the lottery to the final 30th overall. And it was the championship that season, the Golden State Warriors, who picked him up.

In other words, his first season in the professional league happened to be a 73-9 season. As a mere rookie, he only played… 5 games!

Over the past few years, all kinds of new blood have been added every year, and Looney was fortunately not cut. Under the supervision of Iguodala, he worked hard to lose weight. The results were achieved in the 2017-18 playoffs. The Rockets had the best season. Paul and Harden, the two stingers of , and Looney were still underdogs against them, and since then, they have been reused by Coach Kerr.

His attitude on the court is really admirable. I remember the championship game in the 2018-19 season. Even when he was injured, he still played with injuries. You must know that the Warriors had a lot of injured soldiers back then, and it was also because of his hard work. Jin, he won a 3-year 15 million contract with the team after the season. With his performance, he should not only receive such a Buddha’s heart price, but Looney still accepts it, but the injury seems to affect him in the 19-20 season. 20 appearances is the lowest after a rookie year.

One thing to add, he was able to be reused in the Rockets’ playoffs because of his movement speed. After all, he used to be a small KD. However, the back injury later affected his movement, so now he can only be as heavy as a traditional center. defensive back.

In the next season, the addition of the rookie Wiseman squeezed his playing time, but we also seem to be able to see his irreplaceability from the game in the latter part of the season. Come to this season, especially during Green’s absence, he almost Relying on his own strength to carry the Warriors’ penalty area, he can reduce the opponent’s hit rate by 3.8% when facing the match. For players who have played in more than 60 games, this must be a top 15 result.

Also, the most powerful thing is his iron-like body. He is the only player on the team to play all the time. If it wasn’t for head coach Kerr trying out the lineup against the Eagles, he would also be a starter every game.

The author admires his professional attitude very much. For a player who was once called a small KD, he can switch the runway like this and get the hardest blue-collar work. You must know that in the Warriors system, this job is to be a bunker. Rebounding, and you certainly won’t doubt his efforts.

It can be said that although offensive rebounds are not the only indicator that can be used to prove attitude and enthusiasm, in any case, when looking at this data, it should be noted that the height of these two people is only about average flanks and high flanks. Height and injuries can’t fly like before, but their scramble for every rebound is higher than other players. Maybe as the title says, only when you lose it can you know how to cherish it.


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