Treated with an antiviral named remdesivir, the patient “is no longer a carrier of the virus”

Pr Denis Malvy, director of CHU de Bordeaux Yann Bubien, and director of ARS Nouvelle-Aquitaine Michel Laforcade – Mickaël Bosredon / 20 Minutes

  • The Bordeaux patient infected with coronavirus left Thursday morning from the Bordeaux University Hospital.
  • He was treated by an antiviral named Remdesivir, who appears to be the “most successful promising candidate for an assessment,” said Professor Malvy.
  • The Bordeaux CHU hospital team recognizes that this patient had a “unique and emblematic” experience and will benefit from psychological monitoring.

Hospitalized since January 23 at the Bordeaux University Hospital, the patient with coronavirus
got out of the hospital on Thursday morning, healed. It is not ”
more at all carrying no trace of the presence of the virus “ensures the management of the hospital, which returned this Friday on the conditions of care of this patient. This 48-year-old Bordeaux native, wine advisor for the Gironde chamber of agriculture, had gone through
Wuhan in China earlier this year.

What made it possible to decide the discharge of this patient?

Before ensuring that the person can leave the hospital, the doctrine of the ministry revolves around three points, recalled Michel Laforcade, director of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in New Aquitaine: two normal biological examinations in 72 h, that there are no more symptoms, and that the psychosociological capacity of the person concerned on a return to a home is established. “

Why did he stay in hospital for so long?

Twenty-two days of hospitalization, “it may seem a lot,” admitted Professor Denis Malvy, head of the tropical diseases and traveler unit at the Bordeaux University Hospital. “But Chinese colleagues tell us that for cases in the Chinese epidemic zone, the average length of hospital stay is 14 days. And sometimes it goes beyond 22 days. So in terms of the new side of this new disease, the duration finally fits into good clinical practice. “

What treatments has he received?

He received specific treatment, the target of which is the virus itself, “in a context where there is still no approved treatment for this coronavirus“, said Professor Denis Malvy. This treatment administered to the Bordeaux patient, “an antiviral which acts directly on the virus to prevent its multiplication” is a small molecule “which diffuses perfectly into the lungs, the target organ of the disease. “This product, which is called remdesivir,” is given intravenously for ten days. “He is today the” most promising promising candidate for an evaluation in the context of this disease “assures Professor Malvy. The choice of this drug was made “in consultation with the WHO” (World Health Organization) and will be the subject of a comparative therapeutic trial in China.

Professor Malvy spoke of a “second candidate”, lopinavir used for HIV-AIDS, combined with ritonavir, which has been tested in China and the results are awaited.

What do we know about the disease today?

The virus is now known by its acronym Covid-19. “This emerging disease, bilateral pneumonia, is caused by a coronavirus which draws our full attention since it finds a reservoir in the animal species, in this case the pangolin, a mammal with scales whose flesh is extremely attractive in the culture of the countries of Southeast Asia, and in China in particular ”indicates Professor Malvy.

In what state of psychological health did the patient come out?

The Bordeaux CHU hospital team recognizes that this patient had a “unique and emblematic experience. “He will also benefit from psychological support,” linked to the stress he experienced, because of his confinement conditions imposed by the fact of having been the first patient suffering from this disease on French soil. “During his hospitalization, he” could call his front-line hospital practitioner, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, via a specific telephone line, “says Professor Malvy. “A psychiatrist also intervened to assess his state of anxiety and his ability to return to the world without much fear. “His assessment was positive, and” he was able to reach his home calmly on Thursday morning. “

Now, “the rest of his care path is being built, and we will review it regularly, with a deadline of seven days first, and then through the weeks to come, according to a protocol agreed at national and international level. “

How many patients potentially affected by this coronavirus has the CHU received?

There were 21 possible cases that were tested at the Bordeaux University Hospital, for a positive case. “So it’s almost every day that we have new possible cases, with some deceleration in recent days,” said Michel Laforcade.

CHU director general Yann Bubien said, however, that the establishment “was not disturbed by the arrival of this patient, and the services continued to function normally. We communicated considerably internally because it was necessary to reassure all the personnel who could be worried about this event. “A public conference for the general public will also be organized on February 25 in Bordeaux,” in order to provide information on the coronavirus and on emerging diseases. “

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