Trendy video games: this “e-sport” pro launches her first collection

Stephanie Harvey, better known under the nickname “missharvey”, is not just a pro of “e-sport”. On November 21, she launched her first clothing collection.

This five-time world champion from Quebec Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is at the head of “Élevey”, A“ digital citizenship ”company. She promotes good citizenship on the Web and in everyday life.

“It’s all about how to try to be a better person. We tried to transpose that into our clothes … Something tangible that says: “Hey, I’m with you, I want to make this planet a better world”, ”says Stephanie in a press release.

The first “rose water” collection features tops, masks, hoodies and a “bomber jacket” adorned with flowers and graphic characters. It is intended to be unisex, comfortable and functional.

Each model is available in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. “We want to have products that appeal to everyone and that remain aesthetic without having to gender them,” explains Harvey.

To create the brand’s aesthetic, the ÉLEVEY creative team combined elements of the culture sport, popular fashion and art.

“With ‘rose water’, we prioritize comfort, while adding meaning to it,” says Harvey.

Through “Élevey”, Stephanie also wants to give back to her community. Signing up against cyberbullying, the “gamer” – also director of Esports franchise development at Counter-Logic Gaming – pledges to donate 75% of the profits from the sale of her masks to the cybersmile foundation.

Former game designer at Ubisoft Montreal, Stephanie is an active advocate to raise awareness about healthy video game use, greater gender equality and toxic behavior online. She is also a spokesperson for DreamHack Montreal and hosts his own web-series on RDS Video Games, Pro Life .


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