Treviso, revolt in the largest outbreak: migrants devastate barracks

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That of the ex Serena barracks in Treviso it is one of the largest outbreaks that erupted in Italy after the end of the lockdown. over 130 infected between migrants and operators they alarmed the city and the entire region, which saw the contagions rise exponentially. The checks were triggered immediately after the discovery of the first positivity at Covid and involved all the guests of the hotspot. All migrants and positive operators were quarantined pending negative swab but in the meantime the former barracks broke out. revolt in dissent of the measures to contain the infection.

The entire former Serena barracks, in fact, was put in solitary confinement. The governor of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, has decided that the structure must be treated as if it were a red zone, therefore no one will be able to enter or leave for the time necessary to extinguish the outbreak. “The virus must not leave the barracks. For me, the barracks remain zored na from a health point of view and guests must comply with rules established by law. The positive person faces a fine and criminal consequences if he leaves the quarantine. The negative subject must be in quarantine“said the governor, who in his conference focused on the correlation between new virus spread and landings:”Hospitality must be guaranteed to those who run away from death and hunger, the data tells us that these cases make up 5% of the total. 90% of arrivals concern citizens who come from countries where there is no war or persecution. We do not understand why we must have over 55% of Veneto in Veneto outbreaks that come from outside“.

Luca Zaia has decided to continue on the iron fist line, also out of respect for all those who in the lockdown months have been loyal to the rules: “We have 5 million Venetians who have been locked in the house for months. I don’t understand what the problem is for 300 people. Here we see whether the state exists or not. It is understood that structures such as these are to be decommissioned, this hospitality system is bankruptcy in every sense“The decision of the governor of Veneto did not please the migrants of the former Serena barracks in Treviso, who carried out a real revolt. A full-scale riot that took place with the launch of some camp beds, computers and furniture. The facility’s infirmary was devastated by the onslaught of migrants opposed to Luca Zaia’s decision to establish the red sanitary zone for the barracks, effectively preventing people from moving inside. “There is no peace in Treviso, Serena barracks (133 out of 293 positive immigrants, main Covid Italian outbreak): riot of the ‘guests, they do not want to stay in quarantine and destroy the infirmary! We are even more at the side of the mayor who will ask for damages to the state for the incalculable damage created with the image of the Treviso area, tourism and businesses“, so Matteo Salvini he commented on the facts on Twitter.

It is not the only revolt action in Veneto, where also a Jesolo there are scenes of social disorder in another immigrant center. The negative third buffer would arrive to the guests and this is enough for them to stop the isolation and leave the facility. As reported by the Courier of Verona, the migrants would have appeared fifth in front of the entrance but the police forces guarding the structure prevented them from leaving, given that the green light by the health company is still missing, the only authority to be able to stop the isolation . This is where the protest started, with migrants shouting out their reasons. Realized that there was no possibility, the guests of the center made the rounds and presented themselves on the opposite side, in an unattended part overlooking the beach, a few meters from the beds of a hotel 5 places and bathers. Here they began to protest with shouts and a banner. “There’s no Covid-19 here, they’re lying. We are closed here for nothing“, this is what they say.

However, as we read in the Corriere di Verona, “Swabs 7 days after the first test would show that some initially negative subjects positively positive. It would be 4 people, immediately removed from the others and isolated. However these reports led to the quarantine count for everyone on day zero“. The protest, in this case, did not cause damage and has always been kept under control by the army, the police and the Red Cross who runs the reception center.


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