Trevor Bauer accuses Scott Boras of interfering in MLB talks

Another subplot develops as the Major League Baseball and MLB Players Association discuss guidelines for a possible restart of the 2020 season. Two of baseball’s strongest personalities are involved.

Cincinnati Reds’ pitcher Trevor Bauer called out Scott Boras in a tweet published Wednesday, claiming that the baseball super agent could get involved in MLBPA affairs to advance his “personal agenda.” At least that’s Bauer’s belief based on rumors he heard.

Bauer did not go into what he heard, but published a second tweet with the tag Boras. Apparently, he wants to make sure that his message is delivered first-hand.

One might think that Bauer and Boras are on the side due to their status as active players or player agents. However, there may be a feeling that Boras has an additional incentive to get involved based on the economic plans that MLB suggested to players on Tuesday.

Boras criticized MLB’s original plan to propose a revenue split for the 2020 season when these reports originally showed up last week. Boras firmly believed that the league met a March agreement to split salaries based on the number of games played. MLB is now proposing a staggering that brings low-paying players closer to their prorated half-season salaries, while higher-paying players would see a major cut in wages.

Some of the highest paid players in the league are reported to earn 20 to 40 percent of their normal salary. You don’t need two guesses to find out who represents several of MLB’s highest paid players. It’s Scott Boras.

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On Tuesday, the union described the sliding-scale proposal as “extremely disappointing.” We cannot imagine that Boras would be more enthusiastic about the proposal. However, we do not know exactly because Boras has not publicly commented on this. Nor did Boras respond to Bauer’s comments.

At the moment everything is just speculation. Until Bauer offers more information or the authors of Boras get an answer, we will ask why exactly this roadside fire started. But it reminds us of how many levels and how many agendas are included in these wide-ranging discussions.

Trevor Bauer believes Scott Boras could interfere in the MLBPA's discussions with the MLB. (Getty Images)

Trevor Bauer believes Scott Boras could interfere in the MLBPA’s discussions with the MLB. (Getty Images)

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