Trials When Preparing for Aurel’s Wedding

JAKARTA, Singer Ashanty admitted that he was stressed when he was tested positive for Covid-19.

Ashanty experienced stress because she was hit by an accident while preparing for Aurel Hermansyah’s wedding.

“What makes me stressful, ‘oh God, how come it’s a trial when I’m busy preparing for my sister’s wedding’. So maybe the mental immunity is really dropping, “Ashanty was quoted as saying on YouTube The Hermansyah A6, Friday (5/3/2021).

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Then another thing that makes stress is the congenital disease he has, namely autoimmune.

“Secondly, I’m stressed because how come my son wants to get married there are trials. The third one is I have a congenital disease, I think I survived or not, “said Ashanty.

Previously Ashanty had revealed his condition when he was exposed to Covid-19.

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Ashanty said that he was having trouble breathing until he wanted to give up.

In addition, Ashanty also experienced blood clots and some of her organs were not functioning properly.

“Arriving at the hospital, they were checked, the oxygen constellation was 92, continued to be checked, the blood was also checked, the blood clots were almost a thousand,” said Ashanty.

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“My heart function is not good and my liver is not good and decided to be hospitalized. The doctor said, if you just pass a little, you don’t immediately go to the hospital, you don’t know what happened, “said Ashanty.

However, Ashanty’s current condition has improved. He has also been allowed to return home.


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