Triathlon: Lilly Zednikova: With flowers and bike to Hawaii – Rems-Murr-Kreis

Lilly Zednikova on the bike: Benjamin Ilg measures the angles so that the saddle, handlebars and posture harmonize. Photo: Eva Herschmann

Lilly Zednikova from Rommelshausen completed her first amateur triathlon in Waiblingen in 2015. The 41-year-old teacher is now preparing for the legendary Ironman in the US state in October.

Rommelshausen – With a smile, Lilly Zednikova pulls the colorful plastic flower chain out of the sports bag. “This is my $1,000 necklace,” says the 41-year-old from Rommelshausen. The cheap copy of a lei, the traditional Hawaiian wreath of flowers, is Lilly Zednikova’s ticket to the Aloha State Ironman this October. The necklace is also further proof of how much energy and courage there is in the mother of two, who started triathlon after suffering from cancer and whose life story impressed the television viewers of Südwestrundfunk so much that they voted her a sports heroine in December.

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