Tribute to Hubert Germain: Macron hails “the ultimate hero” of the Companions of the Liberation

“The life of Hubert Germain is an anthology of commitment and courage”: the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron hailed “the ultimate hero” of the 1,038 Companions of the Liberation during a national tribute on Friday in the courtyard des Invalides, in Paris. Hubert Germain died on Tuesday at the age of 101.

“At dawn as at dusk, Hubert Germain was the last to surrender”, continued the Head of State, also praising the “ardor” and “determination” of this “resistant from the first hour”, over time became “the very incarnation of all (his) Companions”.

The president once again greeted the Companions of the Liberation, “this circle which raised France from the abyss”, of which Hubert had been a part since 1944, in a speech full of gratitude and tenderness for the one who spent “a life of resistance and hope ”.

Emmanuel Macron, who had commemorated alongside Hubert Germain the 81st anniversary of the appeal of June 18, 1940, also made the “oath” to continue the memorial work, so dear to this Companion of the Liberation, who particularly liked to testify in schools.

“Last Chancellor of Honor of the Order of the Liberation, he stoked the burning embers until his last breath, they will not go out with him”, promised Emmanuel Macron, in front of several relatives of the Companions’ families of the Liberation and members of the government including Prime Minister Jean Castex. “Our task will be to continue this fight with the same ardor,” said Emmanuel Macron. “The thousand-year-old silence of the spirit of resistance and French relentlessness accompanies you”, he continued.

Former Gaullist deputy and minister of Georges Pompidou (1972-1974), grand cross of the Legion of Honor, Hubert Germain celebrated his 101st birthday on August 6. He had joined General de Gaulle in London in June 1940, then fought in the Foreign Legion. Seriously wounded in May 1944 in Italy, he had participated in the Allied landings in Provence in August of the same year.

Ultimate tribute to Mont-Valérien

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Thierry Burkhard nourishes “an immense admiration in front of this fighter of Free France, Companion of the Liberation, whose course, the commitment, the courage and the determination must inspire us”.

After this national tribute, Emmanuel Macron will also preside over the burial ceremony of Hubert Germain on November 11 at the Arc de Triomphe and Mont-Valérien, the main place of execution of resistance fighters during the Second World War, where his body will rest in the crypt of the French combatant memorial. Only 1,038 people, including six women, received the title of Companion of the Liberation.

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