Tribute to the heroes of the fight against the coronavirus

Doctors, microbiologists, housekeepers, nurses, cooks … The newspaper’s magazine El País give voice to those who are leading the battle against the pandemic and pay tribute to them on the cover.

They are “The heroes of the fight against the coronavirus. Armed with smocks and masks, for those who still have them, they are on the front line facing the Covid-19 pandemic. From Madrid to Lleida, via Seville and Valencia, El País Semanal collected testimonials health workers. They tell, in video and in first person, their daily life in Spanish hospitals.

“It’s as if a huge bomb fell on Madrid”, exclaims Julio García, head of the microbiology department at La Paz Hospital in Madrid. In Malaga, an emergency nurse shares his feelings: he says he feels like a “Spartan”. A week later, the Spartan soldier had to lay down his arms, says El País. He is homebound with pneumonia while waiting to find out if he has been infected with the coronavirus.

Exhausted and ill-equipped staff

Health professionals, who are in constant contact with the sick, are also most likely to get the virus. Especially since protective equipment is scarce. “We lack everything. Filter masks, plastic overcoats – paper ones are useless -, overshoes, charlottes, everything is missing! ” alerts Tamara González, nurse at the Virgen de la Victoria Hospital in Malaga. Others say they burst into tears of fatigue, sleep three hours a night, stick together to keep up under the pressure.

But despite the skyrocketing number of infections, particularly among healthcare staff, the shortage of equipment and mental and physical fatigue, the battle continues. “Everyone continues to place all their trust in medicine, science and collective action to get out of this crisis”, applaud El País. They deserve an appearance at our windows at 8 p.m.


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