Tricel rejected 15 lists of Happy and Lined for the Constitutional Convention

The Election Qualifying Court (Tricel) declared inadmissible 15 lists of Happy and Lined (FyF), whose candidates may not compete in the election of the Constitutional Convention next April 11.

On January 23, the Electoral Service (Servel) had rejected 15 of 21 listswith more than 90 constituent candidacies associated with FyF, the questioned financial advisory firm founded by Gino Lorenzini, who, with this decision, his own application for District 10 is impeded.

This escalated to Tricel, which on the last day announced its decision: “The claim is rejected” was what was described in the document, with three out of five of the ministers supporting the Servel’s decision to declare the lists associated with FyF inadmissible.

According to the ruling, “it appears clear that what exists here, it is a subtle attempt to intervene in actions that are typical of political parties, through a supplementation with ‘independent’ candidates that the company brings together and directs its own interests in an attempt to interfere in the constituent process, through an economic conglomerate “, they indicated.

And they clarified that it was “established” that the participants in this process must be independent political parties And if not, according to the law, it must be natural persons and that the company “sought to coordinate and promote actions that are prohibited for them, as a legal person for profit“.

“You are not in the presence of a spontaneous activity of independent natural persons who want to form lists of candidacies of that nature, but on the contrary, it is inferred that such activity obeys a very well elaborated intellectual process by those who are in charge“they added.

In addition, they pointed out that the company used its platforms, image and its “partners-clients-members” to, in their opinion, “spread and encourage the registration of pre-candidates” and it was accused that there was “concealment” of information prior to enrollment, as a change of ownership of the portal from a legal person to a natural person.


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