Tricking wife, this man disguises PS5 as WiFi

HANOI, – A man on Vietnam disguise Playstation 5 ( PS5) purchased as WiFi, in order to deceive the wife.

This funny incident happened after a man in Taiwan lied to his wife, saying he bought an air purifier.

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Based on a viral upload on the Gamer Secret Facebook account, he even asked the officers to go undercover.

The officer did a good job, where he dressed like a WiFi technician to install the router.

The officer who installed the PS5 came to the house wearing the uniform of Viettel, an internet service provider in Vietnam.

Reported Mothership Friday (5/3/2021), the upload stated that the man was installing an “internet router”.

The man even put a sticker on the complaint service phone number on the Playstation 5 that he bought.

Similar to South Korean animation

The man’s way of deceiving his wife is reportedly similar to the South Korean animation, named JangBijju.

The cartoon posted on YouTube tells of a man who tricked his wife into saying the console was Plash Speed.

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