Tricks to retrieve information from a lost or stolen smartphone

A “smartphone” holds a huge amount of user information inside. Therefore, it is important to be careful not to lose it and, in turn, make it difficult for someone if they try to steal it. Especially at Christmas, and it is that crowds of people make it easier for a criminal to steal such devices. In case you are affected, Librephonia has shared a series of tips that can help you minimize the loss by recovering all the information stored on your device.

Regardless of whether the “smartphone” is Android or iOS, that is, an iPhone, all information must be stored in the cloud. In this way, when done with a new device, you can download all that data. If the mobile is Android, you can recover your applications and multimedia files by simply entering your Google account password. If, on the other hand, you have an iPhone, daily backups are made through the iCloud that will allow you to recover absolutely everything on your new smartphone.

«Apps» storage
It is highly recommended to save information in complementary backups that will automatically store all your images and documents.

Contacts and «Apps»
Sign in with your Google Play or iCloud account every time you sign up for an app. Thus, when you log in with your account you can access all the previous information.

Protect your privacy
Use your rescue app so that you can erase everything you don’t want to be manipulated, in addition to changing passwords and passwords. Also, ask your company to block your terminal and report the loss or theft at the police station. Remember that this can only be done if you carry the IMEI number of your smartphone (you will find it in the box of your device or printed on its back).

Root the mobile
Being a root user is being able to access the entire operating system of your device, which means that we can manipulate all files and make deep backups. However, it is an alternative suitable only for experts, since we could lose the guarantee of our device by modifying its operating system.

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For all this it is very important that when you buy a smartphone you protect it following some basic recommendations. It is essential to keep the purchase invoice that proves the guarantee and rights of the device owner, write down the IMEI number to identify your phone in case of a complaint if necessary, lock the “smartphone” using a security key or pattern and also, download a App “location” of the phone that will allow geolocation. .

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