Trini Neira against criticism: “Live and let live”

Written in ENTERTAINMENT the 30/7/2022 · 10:59 hs

Trini Neira, The eldest daughter of the marriage that Pamela Díaz and Manuel Neira once formed, uses her social networks to send content about her happy life, but this time she directed a release.

‘Instagram’ her, Trini Neira, for the second time he uses this medium to defend himself against those who, in his opinion, make criticism and do not consider the effort of others to be well. What will be what bothered Pamela’s daughter?.

“Live and let live! They don’t know what others struggle with every day,” he said, without giving more details of what caused his annoyance. In the same ‘storie’, he warned:

Everything is returned.

the heiress of Pamela Diaz In recent months, she has become a recognized social media influencer, accumulating hundreds of thousands of followers, making her the focus of the virtual world.

A few days ago, he also appeared with a message similar to the latter, in which he was honest about the hateful comments he received from some Internet users, the heiress of two figures of our entertainment.

In a dynamic that he made of questions and answers, one of his fans told him, “I admire that at your age you can withstand the bad vibes that people throw, I hug you strongly. You’re beautiful”.

To that comment, with a photo where she appears in front of the mirror, the “influencer” was honest and said that it has not been so easy for her to read some messages that are left for her. Trini Neira He replied to his follower that, “the truth is, it is very difficult and it costs me a lot, people do not know the damage it does”, attaching an emoji that shows that there are too many words.

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