Triumph of Romón and great dimension of Corts with the Victorians in Alcal

The Valencian right-hander Romn He cut off two ears and emerged victorious at the first celebration of the Alcal de Henares fair (Madrid), a bullfight by Victorino Martín with which Javier Corts offered a great dimension in his performance, only tarnished by the misuse of the sword.

The bulls returned to Alcal de Henares after six years. Gone is the last bullfight of 2015 in which Luis Gerpe took the alternative from Curro Daz and in the presence of Miguel Abelln (now managing director of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs of the Community of Madrid), with a bullfight by Castillejo de Huebra .

And they came back, too, with a run of Victorino Martn, a big bet on the part of the company of Manuel Martnez Erice and Jorge Arellano, even more so after what happened last year, when the autonomous government suspended the fair hours before its start due to the increase in covid cases in the municipality.

Today’s bullfight brought, therefore, plenty of incentives for the fan, who also recognized with a great ovation the gesture of Javier Corts, who did the pasello with the points of the goring suffered 24 hours before in the bullring of Linares.

Corts himself was the one who made the brightest of the afternoon-night in the city of Complutense. In his first, a good bull from Victorino, Corts shone in the greeting to the vernica to curdle after a important task of crutch, fighting very tight by the right python, with a lot of confidence and power, lowering his hand and submitting the encased onslaught of the bull.

Important task of “blond from Getafe”, showing a very good dimension. A pity for the prick prior to the final thrust, a fact that reduced the award to a solitary ear, a trophy, it should be said, according to the merits contracted.

And he closed the Big door because of his bad sword in the fifth, a complicated bull with which Corts was very dedicated, fighting with the open comps and making a serious bullfight without fuss. How good was the young man from Madrid who, it has already been said, does not round off the triumph for failing loudly with steel.

Romn also shone with his first, another bull of frank options of the iron of the “A crowned”, to which all his work was based on the natural, where the Valencian tore with a lot of temper and lengthening the antler’s onslaught with remarkable sufficiency. I cut off an ear.

And another trophy pass Romn of the sixth for the big lunge with which he finished him after a very willing task before a bull more drained of meat and that he took more than necessary.

Rafaelillo received the worst batch as a whole, as they had to do with a first who developed a lot of genius and with whom the Murcian maintained a sincere and vibrant give and take, which earned him a standing ovation from the third.

The fourth was a bull that by soon and he looked for the shelter of the boards, which was not good for Rafaelillo to look for the turns in a short distance that, after a great blow, earned him to walk an appendix.

FESTIVAL SHEET.– Six bulls by Victorino Martn, unequal in presentation and play. The best, second and third, both applauded in the drag.

Rafael Rubio “Rafaelillo” (pink and gold) average and pithy (ovation); big lunge (ear after warning).

Javier Corts (scarlet and gold) prick and almost whole (ear); six jabs and lunge (ovation).

Romn (raspberry and gold) prick and pith (ear); big lunge (ear).

The square registered less than half an entry into the lines.

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