Troglio reveals why Harold Fonseca kicked the fourth penalty that ended up eliminating Olimpia – Ten

Olympiad said goodbye to the Concacaf League, with his boots on, after being eliminated before Alajuelense from the penalty shootout with a Harold fonseca who was the protagonist.

Alajuelense throws Olimpia and will play the final of the Concacaf League

The whites tried to seal the classification in the 90 minutes (0-0), but the lack of aim sent the game to be decided from the 11 steps and Pedro Troglio surprised by throwing the Honduran goalkeeper.

Fonseca was headline after the positive of Edrick Menjivar. The exMotagua was the fourth pitcher in the round, but his shot hit the post and this cost him the elimination of the albos from the tournament.

After finishing the meeting, Troglio He explained at a press conference that he put the goalkeeper because he is one of the best in that type of situation even though this time he failed.

Troglio says he wanted to be champion of the Concacaf League

“He is a great penalty taker, we always do it in training and he is one of the best. We asked him and he was determined, but he had the misfortune to fail, ” said the coach of Olympiad.

Likewise, Troglio He commented on what he did with his goalkeeper after failing in the shoot-out: “I have nothing more to say, I went to hug him and lift his spirits because he played a good game.”

The other options the Lion had

It should be noted that Olympiad They had Deybi Flores, Marvin ‘La Flecha’ Bernardez, Jonathan Paz, ‘Patón’ Mejía or Maylor Núñez as options to collect the fourth pitch, but in the end they decided on Fonseca.

Yustin Arboleda, Michaell Chirinos, Eddie Hernández and Leverón were the other launchers.


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