Tropical temperatures are accompanied by storms. Weather forecast for night and Monday 10 August

Night weather (22-07):
Clear or almost clear. The lowest temperatures 19 to 15 ° C. Light variable wind up to 4 m / s or calm.

Pressure tendency: steady state

Weather during the day (07-24):
Clear to partly cloudy, during the day to cloudy and especially in the Czech Republic in places of showers or thunderstorms, occasionally strong. The highest temperatures 27 to 31 ° C, in the northwestern half of Bohemia up to 33 ° C, in 1000 m in the mountains around 22 ° C. A light, temporarily mild northeast to east wind during the day, 2 to 5 m / s, temporarily intensifying in thunderstorms.

COMMENTARY OF THE METEOROLOGIST: In thunderstorms, torrential rains with totals of around 35 mm occasionally occur.

Pressure tendency: steady state or slight decrease

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