Tropical wave 46 arrives and brings showers with thunderstorms for this weekend

Light to moderate rains accompanied by thunderstorms will occur nationwide during the afternoon and night of this Friday, November 20 and will last until Sunday, as a result of the arrival of the tropical wave number 46. Due to the saturation of the soils in certain vulnerable departments, floods, river overflows and landslides could be registered, as warned by the climate monitoring carried out by the Humboldt Center.

The agrometeorologist Agustín Moreira, from the Humboldt Center, warned that the continuation of rainfall puts at risk some areas that were flooded by heavy rains after the passage of Hurricane Iota over the territory. Tropical Wave 46 will not bring strong winds and is expected to leave the territory between Sunday and Monday.

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«This will enter at the latest between Friday and Saturday, it will cause light and moderate rain conditions, mainly in the Caribbean area and in the rest of the territory. The presence of rainfall can damage the areas that were flooded, the amount of water that may fall can harm those lands that were flooded with water and could cause landslides, ”explained the specialist.

In the most recent report from the Humboldt Center, it is detailed that the amounts of rainfall in the last 24 hours over the national territory – specifically in the Central and Pacific area – tripled the amount of rains usually registered in the month of November.

Map of possible accumulated for the next 24 hours, according to the Humboldt Center. THE PRESS / CH

In Diriamba 254.4 millimeters of water accumulated, in Jinotega 228.6 millimeters fell and Tipitapa with 207.6 millimeters, in Managua 168.9 millimeters were recorded, Granada marked 141.8 millimeters, Matagalpa with 136.2, Rivas with 132.3 millimeters, Estelí with 121.7 millimeters, León with 108.2 millimeters and Chinandega with 104.7 millimeters, so these departments are still considered vulnerable.

Low pressure system under surveillance

The specialist from the Humboldt Center asserted that they keep under surveillance a low pressure system that is located southeast of the coasts of Nicaragua and northeast of Costa Rica, despite the fact that the cyclonic probability has dropped from 40 percent to 10 percent.

“The low pressure system is being monitored, which has a 10 percent probability of localized development in front of Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, which could generate rains on the territory for the next one,” Moreira said.

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Quoting the National Hurricane Center (NHC), he mentioned that regardless of the formation of tropical cyclones. “Areas of heavy rain are possible over the next few days from Nicaragua to the south in Central America and in Colombia. These rains may cause new concerns about flooding, especially in previously flooded areas, “he said.


Rainfall will tend to be strong in the North Caribbean, moderate in the North-Central and light to moderate in the Pacific zone. Before the arrival of the tropical wave, Moreira recommended to be aware of the high parts of the mountains because the soils are saturated and could generate landslides, and also alerts of the flooding of river flows.

Landslides and landslides, according to the specialist, are masses of earth, stones and debris that drag or crush what is in their path, they can move at low or high speed, as a result of saturation of the soils.

Recommend to families

Before: it is recommended to identify the areas with threats of landslides or landslides, also to carry out a family emergency plan so that everyone knows them, accompanied by a study of alternative areas for evacuation, and finally to avoid the accumulation of garbage on the ground, already that this does not allow the water to seep where it should, which makes the terrain unstable and increases the risk.

During: it is oriented to stay calm, implement an emergency plan and initiate the evacuation of families and pets. And after the landslide, do not walk on the debris, stay away from the affected area and return to the house until it is completely safe.

Moderate temperatures

Regarding the temperatures, he said that they will be moderate due to the strong presence of cloudiness that would generate rains from the afternoon. On average, the western zone (León, Chinandega) will remain between 30 and 33 degrees, while from Managua to Rivas at 27 to 30 degrees Celsius, Madriz and Nueva Segovia will maintain average temperatures of 29 degrees Celsius, from Boaco to Río San Juan 26 at 29 degrees centigrade; on the other hand, in Estelí, Jinotega and Matagalpa they will present the lowest of 25 to 28 degrees centigrade.


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