TROUVER, a leading brand that collaborates with Xiaomi Technology, announces its penetration in the cleaning robot market in Thailand.

TROUVER, a subsidiary of a leading enterprise such as Xiaomi Ecological Chain – Dreame Technology, reveals the global robot market figure. With a growth rate of 51.5% over the past 5 years, iRobot has a 40% market share, ECOVAS has an 18% market share, Roborock has a 16% market share, Xiao Mi has a 14% market share, and a brand. Another 12% for TROUVER, specializing in creating excellent innovations for the new generation (young Tech Trend), especially for household appliances, has increased sales of 10 million units / year, has leading supply chain partners. world class and an advanced high-speed motor factory Ready to compete in the robot market in Thailand

News reports from TROUVER revealed that the company aims to create products from leading technology that caters to the young Tech Trend by combining cutting-edge technology. art and fashion together Another highlight is the presence of world-leading, high-paying supply chain partners. There is a high speed motor technology lab. Production potential and price are important business strategies to penetrate the robot market in Thailand. It consists of a cleaning robot (TROUVER FINDER ROBOT) that uses an unmanned navigation system with LDS Laser navigation that is fast and highly accurate. Optimized with SLAM algorithm and ARM Cortex-A7 dual-core processor, clean path planning and real-time display. Can detect obstacles 360 degrees, can clean continuously without jam

Robot cleaning (TROUVER FINDER ROBOT) recommended models in Thailand are Highlight of Power 11: Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. There are 6 strengths, consisting of

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Lightweight, easy to use, only 1.4 Kg
  • 3 types of brush heads, consisting of a new roller head to increase suction efficiency / small brush head 2 in 1 can suck small crevices / cloth dust mite removal brush
  • separate dust bin Can be removed for cleaning Easy to remove with just one click
  • It has an LED screen that shows real-time usage. The upper button is a lock mode / the lower button is used to adjust the strength.
  • Detachable battery for charging

Nowadays, cleaning robots are one of the good choices for household chores for GEN Z people, helping to clean more thoroughly and save time. Just turn on the machine and let the robot work in any corner, the robot can go all the way.

TROUVER POWER 11 cordless vacuum cleaner Powerful suction power 20,000 PA. Rotation speed up to 100,000 cycles / sec. 7 Core 2500 mAh high power battery makes it easy to use continuously for up to 60 minutes. There is a LED display screen. Don’t worry. that the battery will run out because there is always a signal to alert less noise For this vacuum cleaner, there is a place to put it in. No need to drill the wall for the house or condo. Plus, it’s compact. Comes with a removable dust bin. It is easy to clean and can be easily removed for washing.


For the handle of TROUVER POWER 11 is ergonomically designed, easy to use, beautiful shape, can be used as a display stand as a decoration for home or room. This model comes with 3 types of suction nozzles. Type 1, roller nozzle. Small and light cleaning nozzle Makes it more effective in removing dust. Type 2 The 2 in 1 suction head can be used in 2 ways, either with the brush pulled out or not. To switch between use easily and quickly. Type 3 suction head brush to get rid of cloth mites. Used for cleaning hair, dust mites deep into the fabric, and also has a Multi cyclone wind that increases the efficiency of filtering dust better up to 99.89% with a 5-layer filter, fine filtration, can trap dust particles of 0.3 microns in size. DualCool Air cooling system for better heat dissipation, sold at a price of 4,990 baht

Another recommended model of TROUVER FINDER ROBOT is the 3 in 1 sweep, mop and vacuum function, controlled by the Mi APP to control and map cleaning. Comes with a suction power of up to 2000 PA. It also has a high-speed roller brush 1000 rev / min and a 570 ml dust tank, collecting dirt and cleaning continuously for up to 90 minutes and also has a water tank size. Large 270 ml capacity makes mopping in large areas or covering areas up to 120 sqm comfortable. It can bypass obstacles, barriers, thick carpets, 20 mm high, has a working noise level of less than 65 dB, and reduces noise up to 5 levels. LDS laser guided operation and has 8 cleaning functions. Battery 2600 mAh, product size 350x350x69 mm.

FIND Finder Robot

TROUVER Finder Robot is sold at a price of 7,590 baht.

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