Troy Leavitt, lead designer on Hogwarts Legacy, leaves the project – News

It’s through Liam Robertson, channel contributor Did You Know Gaming, that Leavitt’s liabilities resurfaced in mid-February. While his last video dates back to March 2018, his channel nonetheless has accumulated nearly 2 million views (for a modest total of 26,000 subscribers) around anti-feminist, anti-progressive productions and in the global movement of the Gamer Gate and the American far-right.

Whoever called the #MeToo movement “moral panic“explained that this channel, like its opinions, has never been a secret and that Warner Bros.”never seemed to have had any problems with them“. “Not that they support what I might have said, of course, but they seem more concerned with making good games than having some kind of social justice agenda; so there is hope“, Leavitt explained in a video afterwards.

Remains that the lead designer d’Avalanche has therefore announced that it has resigned. An event which, according to him, would have no relation to his personal opinions and their expression on YouTube, but which would be justified by “reasons“which he will exhibit in a future video. Leavitt maintains having a great relationship with Warner Bros. as well as with Avalanche despite his departure.

Just a few days ago, Bloomberg relayed information “escape“from the studio, according to which the developers ofHogwarts Legacy were trying to do their best to integrate the possibility of creating a transgender hero into their character editor.

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