Truckers will meet with Minister Pérez under the shadow of a possible work stoppage

Truckers organizations announced that they will meet this Monday, in La Moneda, with the Minister of the Interior, Victor Perez, to express their concern and demand solutions to the acts of violence and burning of trucks occurred in the southern macrozone of the country, mainly in the La Araucanía Region.

Jose Villagrán, The president of the Federation of Southern Trucks (Fedesur, which brings together truckers from Biobío to Magallanes), confirmed to Regions Cooperative the completion of this appointment, and warned that if they are not satisfied they will take a “different way“to act, which points to a possible stoppage in the activities of the sector.

“We have achieved a meeting for this Monday, at noon, with the Minister of the Interior, Víctor Pérez, so that he can really tell us what his strategy is to end impunity and that once and for all the rule of law works in the south from Chile, “he said.

However, he anticipated that “if the minister does not give us a solution and something forceful, such as ending terrorism and the burning of trucks, and the insecurity of citizens due to common crime, we let’s act differently“.


The truckers will also demonstrate while the meeting is taking place in Santiago: in Greater Concepción they will enter the city, surround public buildings and honk their horns in protest, confirmed to Cooperativa Regiones Carlos Bretti, Vice President of Fedesur, who will also be part of the meeting with Minister Pérez.

However, he denied that they are going to carry out roadblocks and roadblocks, a version that was circulated on social networks in recent hours. “For no reason, it is not in our DNA,” said the leader.

Regarding the meeting in La Moneda, he announced that he will deliver a letter to the head of the Interior, in which they will set a deadline “and if later it does not meet our expectations or demands, we will be free to act and we will probably be involved in some demonstration or paralysis of our activities. “

Through a public statement, the National Confederation of Freight Transport confirmed to have transferred the negotiations to Fedesur, which will bring a petition to La Moneda for the creation of the “Juan Barrios Law”, named after the 40-year-old driver who died after an arson attack on the truck he was driving in the commune of Victoria, in the first months of the year.

The last alleged arson attack happened in Father Las Casas, La Araucanía, where 18 trucks, two excavators and a building occupied as an office were burned in a construction.


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