Trump administration signs agreements that stop immigration changes for 180 days

The Angeless.

He government of the president Donald Trump signed agreements with local and state authorities in what appears to be an effort to make it harder for the incoming Administration of Joe Biden keep your promise to stop deportations and make flexible requests for asylumreported this Friday the media journalistic BuzzFeed.

According to documents obtained by BuzzFeed, he Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of the United States has signed agreements with the Governments of Arizona, Louisiana and Indiana and the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina, requiring the Executive to provide a 180-day notice before enacting a large number of changes. in the politics of immigration.

This commitment, known as Sanctuary First Enactment Agreement for Americans (SAFE), will stop for at least six months the implementation of the new policies of the new Democratic government.

This latest effort revealed less than a week after Biden took office was signed by Ken Cuccinelli, the second in command of DHS.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) reacted immediately. In a statement Naureen Shah, senior policy and defense advisor to the organization, said that “this is a transparent attempt by Trump officials to tie the hands of the Biden-Harris Administration and preserve Trump’s grotesque immigration policy.”

“The Biden Administration has the authority, mandate and responsibility to break with the legacy of the Trump Administration, and nothing about these reported agreements changes that reality,” added the attorney.

For his part Sarah Pierce, a policy analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, said in a Twitter message that the deals “don’t even pass the laugh test, and certainly not legal scrutiny.”

Amid the scandal that has him on the verge of a second impeachment trial, Trump this week made his last visit as president to the wall on the border with Mexico, and from there he sent a message to Biden, urging him to maintain the immigration policies that his government has implanted.


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