world Trump admits that he sent his lawyer to Ukraine...

Trump admits that he sent his lawyer to Ukraine after denying him in the ‘impeachment’


The president of United States,Donald Trump,has admitted that he sent his personal lawyer,Rudy Giuliani, to Ukraine to collect harmful information for its political rivals, having been denying it during the entire impeachment process, the CNN television network reported.

In an interview for a podcast program with the journalistGeraldo RiveraTrump has openly acknowledged that he sent Giuliani and has justified his decision on the grounds that he did not trust the intelligence services and security agencies of the United States.

When asked if he does not regret sending his personal lawyer to Ukraine, Trump has replied that “of course not” and has assured that Giuliani is “a fighter against crime.”“Here was my choice: Dealing with the Comey of the world or dealing with Rudy“, he said, referring to former FBI director James Comey, who was dismissed from office by Trump himself in May 2017.

Trump has said he hasa “bitter taste”with the intelligence community of the United States for the investigation on the interference of Russia and that, for that reason, decided to resort to Giuliani.

“So, when you tell me why I use Rudy, one of the best things about Rudy, which is number one, is thatHe was the best prosecutorone of the best prosecutors and the best mayor, “said the president of the United States, who was convicted in the impeachment by the House of Representatives but was acquitted by decision of the Senate.

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“Other presidents also had them. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a lawyer who was practically involved in the Government.Eisenhover had a lawyer. Everyone had lawyers, “said the US president.

During the impeachment process, Trump repeatedly denied that he sent Giuliani to Ukraine. “No, I didn’t order it,” he said in a statement to the press in November, when reporters asked him if he decidedSend your personal lawyer to Ukraine.

In the interview released Thursday, Trump has defended his decision to use Giuliani, despite the fact that senior US diplomats declared in the ‘impeachment’ that the efforts of the president’s personal lawyer undermined thepolicy maintained for years with Ukraine.

Giuliani is acentral figure in the pressure campaignto Ukraine that led Democratic congressmen to push the impeachment process against Trump and condemn him for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress in the House of Representatives.

Several witnesses assured in the parliamentary process that Giuliani met with senior Ukrainian officials to pressure them to make the president of the country,Volodimir Zelenski,announce an investigation into Hunter Biden, the son of former US vice president Joe Biden.



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