Trump arrives at the debate with Biden encouraged by his move in the Supreme Court

Donald Trump is the magician of effect, of the show and of the cameras. Tomorrow he will have his first face-to-face debate with Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate who wants to snatch his chair in the Oval Office. And if tradition has written that this first debate is a trap for the incumbent president, who is seen as a politician stuck for four years in the White House bubble, that does not seem to be the case with Trump.

For starters, he is going to play on familiar ground. Not because Cleveland, Ohio, where the debate takes place, is a friendly field. On the contrary, although it is a state with a republican majority, it is not persuaded by just anyone and its votes are sold at a high price. The advantage that the president will find tomorrow will be that of the moderator, Chris Wallace, who already made him suffer last July in a brilliant interview, in which the Fox News journalist cornered him on more than one occasion. Trump’s confidence in going to a medium so close to him played a trick on him. But he will not catch him off guard again, the president already knows that Wallace is tough and that the debate will be serious. It has been thoroughly prepared.

And he will arrive with the aura of triumph, after the move that will allow him to consolidate a conservative majority in the Supreme Court for many years, regardless of how long he remains in power. On Saturday he nominated Amy Coney Barret to fill the vacancy left by progressive Ruth Bader, who passed away last week. With this election he hopes to mobilize the vote of the religious right that helped him reach the White House four years ago, to regain ground in the polls, where he lags behind.

Capacity in doubt

He has not minded breaking again a tradition that defends the elegance of not resolving a vacancy on the Supreme Court so few days before the elections. And let whoever is elected on November 3 let their power be felt in the high court, already covered by citizen support. He is comforted to know that the move is going to bring him a few votes and above all, the front pages of the newspapers, which have been focused on the name that he finally revealed on Saturday night for four days.

Biden comes into the debate with everything won, according to tradition, as well as taking a slight advantage in the polls. So Trump tries to define this first confrontation as a test of ability for the former Obama vice president, 77, for whom deep down the debates are a little torture in which he usually screwed up. But lately his performance has improved and Trump attacked him yesterday in a funny way: he will ask for an anti-doping test before and after the match for his rival – he would also undergo the test. “His performances in the debates have been ‘uneven’ at record levels, to put it mildly. Only drugs could have caused this discrepancy, “he said without offering any evidence.

Obama’s health reform returns to the political arena

. In a strategic move ahead of the November elections, the US Democrats yesterday placed former President Barack Obama’s popular health care reform, known as ‘Obamacare’, at the center of the battle for the Supreme Court.

One after another, the top Democrats in the party accused US President Donald Trump of manipulating the Supreme Court to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), very popular with Americans and that Democrats used to campaign during the 2018 legislative elections, when they regained a majority in the Lower House.

In a statement to the press in Wilmington (Delaware), the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, warned that the Republicans are looking for an “opportunity” to end the law. “There is no mystery in what is happening here, the president of the United States is trying to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, he has tried for the last four years. The Republican Party has tried to eliminate it for a decade, “Biden warned. That case has grown in importance due to the appointment of conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett to fill the current vacancy on the Supreme Court. Barrett published an essay in 2017 offering her views on Obama’s health care reform and criticizing the 2012 ruling in favor of the law by Chief Justice John Roberts.


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