Trump assures that “more than two million” of coronavirus tests have been carried out in the United States

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has assured this Thursday that the United States has carried out “more than two million” tests to diagnose Covid-19 in the country.

 “Today I have been informed that we have passed the two million tests carried out in the United States,” said Trump during the daily press conference of the coronavirus working group at the White House, where he specified that the tests are “highly sophisticated and precise ». For his part, the American vice president, Mike Pence, has indicated that the test is performed on 100,000 people a day.

 In this sense, Trump has affirmed that “other countries are observing” what the United States is doing in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and that the operation to carry out tests to detect it in the North American country has become “by far” ” the best and most sophisticated of any site ».

 However, the president has recognized that massive coronavirus tests will not be able to be carried out in the United States as the country returns to normal, but he has asserted that this point will not be necessary. «We want to have them and we will see if we have them. We need it? No (…) We are talking about 325 million people and that will not happen. Other countries do it but they do it in a limited way, “he pointed out, while suggesting the possibility of carrying out” massive “tests in” certain areas “of the country.

 On the other hand, Trump has appreciated that hospitals and states should not participate in the proposed allocation of additional funds in an economic program that would be added to the two trillion economic stimulus plan that the United States has approved to respond to the Covid crisis- 19. The program in question provides loans for small businesses, as reported by the CNN television network.

 Thus, the US leader believes that hospitals and states should have additional funds, but it is something he supports “for the next phase.” US senators on Thursday discussed proposals to incorporate the economic program into the stimulus plan.

 Republicans are looking to channel $ 250 billion in additional funds for small businesses, but Democrats are of the opinion that support for hospitals and states should be included in this proposal.

 For her part, the coordinator of the response of the White House of the coronavirus working group in the United States, Deborah Birx, has transferred that the infection rates in some of the areas that are beginning to register a large number of cases of Covid- 19, like Washington, Baltimore or Philadelphia, are lower than the rates registered in the first “hot spots” of the country.

 “The original outbreaks were very large, but it appears that attack rates in newer ones are much lower than in New York or New Jersey,” Birx said.

 In this line, the main scientific head in the fight against the coronavirus in the North American country, Anthony Fauci, has also expressed that he is registering “a dramatic decrease in the need for new hospitalizations.”

 The coronavirus pandemic has already left 15,938 dead in the United States, where New York State has recorded another 779 deaths in the last day, bringing the total number of deaths in the region to 7,067. The North American country is the territory that has confirmed the most cases of Covid-19 in the world, almost 457,000. .

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