Trump Building Bombed in USA Feb 17 – United States of America – Donald Trump

The building, which belonged to the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, was demolished in a series of controlled explosions. It collapsed in 20 seconds. The casino is left with a bunch of debris about eight stories high, which will be removed by early summer.

Some parts of the building could be used by environmentalists who want to build an artificial fishing reef off the coast of Atlantic City.

Many American TV channels broadcast the demolition of the structure. The hosts called it “the crushing end of Trump’s rule”.

The Trump Plaza complex includes several more buildings – in the near future they will be demolished using heavy equipment.

Although Trump built the building, it is now owned by another billionaire, Carl Icahn, who bought the bankrupt casino in 2016.

Earlier, the authorities put up for auction the right to press the button to blow up the building on the occasion of Trump’s defeat in the election. They wanted to raise funds for a city youth club with vocational training for teenagers. As a result, a number of firms and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino donated money.

Trump Plaza opened in 1984 and was for a time the most successful casino in Atlantic City. The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino closed in 2014.


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