Trump campaign drops federal lawsuit in Michigan

(CNN) — Donald Trump’s campaign dropped its federal lawsuit in Michigan alleging voting irregularities and asked the court to stop the certification of votes in Detroit’s hometown of Wayne County.

In its presentation, the campaign misrepresented the sequence of events surrounding the out-of-Wayne County voting certification, which ended Tuesday night. While the Wayne County Board of Electors initially stalled 2-2 on whether to certify the results, the four-member board ultimately unanimously agreed to certify Joe Biden’s presidential contest.

Thursday morning’s filing wrongly claims that the Wayne County board “refused to certify the results of the presidential election.” Attached to the filing are affidavits from the two Republican board members who now claim they were intimidated into siding with the Democrats and now want to rescind their votes to certify.

But the certification will move forward with the State Canvassing Board meeting on November 23 to complete the final step of certifying the state’s votes for Joe Biden.

Partial vote counting in Wisconsin due to lack of funds 0:55

The move to withdraw the federal lawsuit comes as the Trump campaign faces mounting resistance and a series of defeats in courts across the country, including Pennsylvania. In Michigan on Thursday morning, a similar lawsuit filed by two individual plaintiffs alleging voter wrongdoing was also dropped.

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