Sport Trump contests his own rejection and admits that he...

Trump contests his own rejection and admits that he sent Giuliani to Ukraine to defile political opponents


REUTERS / Tom Brenner

Donald Trump has admitted sending Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine to defame a political rival and openly disagrees with his own refusals on the subject during the impeachment investigation, just a few days after he was acquitted of all alleged crimes.

Mr. Giuliani, the President’s personal lawyer, is at the center of a network of shadow efforts in Ukraine to persuade officials to investigate Bidens. These questions were key to the abuse of the accusation of power against which Mr. Trump was indicted by parliament.

Mr. Trump previously insisted that he “did not instruct Mr. Giuliani to do” anything “in Ukraine, suggesting that the lawyer was probably there on behalf of” other clients “.

But less than a week after his acquittal, the president gave a completely different answer when asked in a podcast interview: “Was it strange to send Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine, your personal lawyer? Are you sorry you did that? “

“Not at all,” replied Mr. Trump in a brazen U-turn. “Rudy was a great crime fighter, you know, maybe better than anyone else. And Rudy is totally in his game. “

Speaking to Geraldo Rivera, Trump then claimed that he “used” Mr. Giuliani in Ukraine and no longer used official channels like the FBI for “spying on my campaign,” and also described his suspicions of former FBI director James Comey ,

“So if you tell me why I used Rudy – and one of the things about Rudy – number one, he was one of the best prosecutors and the best mayor,” Trump said.

“But they also had other presidents … they all had lawyers … and they do things for them. It really circumvents – but legally – and maybe gets things done faster. “

The president appears to have been encouraged by his Senate acquittal after his Republican allies increasingly deviated from a trial after a trial to deny that he had done something wrong, merely to underline the severity of his actions in outsourcing attacks on his political rivals to downplay to foreigners nations.

He has launched a vengeance campaign against those he believes to have wronged him during the impeachment process and, in a move reminiscent of doing business with Ukraine, appears to have openly praised New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to offer a deal through a state immigration law in return for investigations into his finances and tax returns.

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World News :

His new admission regarding Mr. Giuliani is more in line with what he said during his infamous phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who triggered the impeachment process.

Transcripts released by Mr. Trump showed that he told Mr. Zelensky that he wanted him to speak to Mr. Giuliani while he suggested investigating Hunter Biden.

“I want him to call you. I’ll ask him to call you with the attorney general, ”Trump said. “Rudy knows very well what’s going to happen and he’s a very capable guy. If you could talk to him it would be great.”

Now he has admitted to sending Mr. Giuliani to Ukraine. It remains to be seen whether the president will make use of other allegations of ignorance.

Perhaps most notably, the accused Giuliani employee Lev Parnas – a businessman born in Ukraine – claims to have been part of Trump’s efforts to oust U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, which is an obstacle to any investigation into the Bidens was viewed.

Mr. Parnas claimed that Mr. Trump “knew exactly what was going on”.

But despite plenty of photographic evidence showing the couple together, Mr. Trump vigorously denied knowing Mr. Parnas, calling him a “cheater” and saying, “I don’t know him at all … I don’t know anything about him. I can only tell you that this thing is a big joke. “


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