Trump contradicts CDC director on vaccines and masks

The entire American population will have access to a vaccine against COVID-19 very soon, assured the American president, contradicting the much more cautious forecasts put forward a few hours earlier by Dr. Redfield.

Before a Senate committee, the latter, who is one of the scientists who are members of the White House working group on the coronavirus, said in particular that he expected a vaccine to be available in November or December of this year, specifying that the distribution of doses would initially be very limited. Those most at risk will be the first to receive it, he said.

So that the vaccine is then available to the entire American population, if the initial objective is reached, it will – at the earliest – have to wait until the summer, or even the beginning of the fall of 2021, he said. he then clarified.

A few hours later, the president, who has been hammering for several days that there could be a vaccine before the November 3 election, openly contradicted the scientist.

I think he was wrong […] This is incorrect information. I think he was confused.

Donald Trump

Even though Dr Redfield’s words were unequivocal, Donald Trump said he had maybe misunderstood the question and added that he may not know the vaccine distribution process as well as he did. The distribution will be very fast, he promised.

We are ready. Our military and other officials are ready to act. We think it could even start as early as October. No doubt November or December, at the latest, he argued.

Several experts contradict President Trump’s optimistic predictions, and his opponents fear that he is trying to rush the process of authorizing and distributing a vaccine in order to promote his re-election.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also already reported that large-scale COVID-19 vaccinations are not expected to start until the middle of next year, emphasizing the importance of rigorous monitoring of the efficacy and safety of the many vaccines currently in development.

When an effective coronavirus vaccine becomes available, it will likely take six to nine months before it is given to enough Americans for it to have a significant effect on the pandemic, Dr Redfield said.

The return to a normal life will be probably conceivable towards the end of the second quarter, the third quarter of 2021, did he declare.

Last month, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr Anthony Fauci, said scientists were hoping for a vaccine that would have a 75% effectiveness rate.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which notably authorizes the marketing of drugs, has indicated that it will authorize a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 if it is safe and at least 50% effective.

Several companies, including the American Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, the French Sanofi Pasteur, the Chinese Sinopharm and the Quebecer Medicago, are in the vaccine race. AstraZeneca and the UK University of Oxford have resumed their tests this week, which they had to suspend after the appearance of potentially unexplained illness at a participant.

Russia has for its part approved a vaccine, which is already offered to volunteers, without completing all clinical tests.

The masks of discord

Donald Trump held a new press conference during which he spoke about the coronavirus.

Photo : Associated Press / Evan Vucci

After disputing the vaccine availability date put forward by Dr. Redfield, President Trump also contradicted him on the protection offered by wearing a mask.

Holding a mask, Dr Redfield pointed out to elected officials the limits of vaccines, explaining that they would not be effective for everyone.

<q data-attributes="{"lang":{"value":"fr","label":"Français"},"value":{"html":"Je pourrais même dire que les garanties que ce masque facial me protège contre la COVID sont plus grandes que celles d'un vaccin que je recevrais, car l'immunogénicité [la capacité d'un vaccin à provoquer une réponse immunitaire] could be 70% “,” text “:” I could even say that the guarantees that this face mask will protect me against COVID are greater than those of a vaccine I would receive, because the immunogenicity [la capacité d’un vaccin à provoquer une réponse immunitaire] could be 70% “}}” lang = “fr”>I could even say that the guarantees that this face mask will protect me against COVID are greater than those of a vaccine I would receive, because the immunogenicity [la capacité d’un vaccin à provoquer une réponse immunitaire] could be 70%, he explained.

If I don’t develop an immune response, the vaccine will not protect me. This face mask, yes.

Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

He made a mistake, ruled the president.: “What’s this, [cette réponse sur] the masks? “He replied: “I think I answered this question incorrectly “. “,” Text “:” When I called Robert today, I said: “What is it, [cette réponse sur] the masks? “He replied: ” I think I answered this question incorrectly “.”}} “lang =” fr “>When I called Robert today, I said, “What is it, [cette réponse sur] masks? ”He replied,“ I think I answered that question incorrectly ”.

The mask is not as important as the vaccine. The mask, maybe, helps, a argué Donald Trump. I hope the vaccine will be much more beneficial than the masks.

During his appearance before the Senate committee, Dr. Redfield nevertheless hammered home the importance of face coverings and social distancing to effectively curb the spread of the coronavirus. If the wearing of the mask were generalized, the pandemic could be controlled in a few weeks, he estimated, pleading in particular with young people between 18 and 25 years old.

Donald Trump also said to himself surprised to see his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, wear a mask when he is in the company of people who are far from him. Joe feels safe with a mask. I don’t know, maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to expose his face, I don’t know what’s going on.

President showed up publicly with a mask only once and has even ridiculed some of his opponents or journalists who wear one.

The president’s message, which is not new, was launched the day after a citizens’ assembly in which he participated and during which he appeared to question the effectiveness of the mask.

However, he wanted to be reassuring. Everything is going to be fine, it’s disappearing. And that will go away much faster with the vaccine. It would go away without the vaccine, he assured, evoking a mental immunity, but presumably referring to group immunity.

Donald Trump admitted back in the winter, during interviews with Bob Woodward, that he knew the virus was mortal and worse than the flu, and that minimized the situation, revealed the legendary investigative journalist in his new book, Rage, officially released a few days ago. Following the publication in the media of extracts from the book, the president however denied having misled Americans when he was talking about the pandemic.

Biden: “I don’t trust Donald Trump”

Joe Biden devoted his speech to the pandemic.

Photo : Associated Press / Patrick Semansky

Americans should only trust a coronavirus vaccine developed under the Trump administration if the president gives honest answers questions regarding its safety, effectiveness and distribution, Joe Biden warned after a meeting with public health experts.

Scientific breakthroughs don’t care more about calendars than the virus. They certainly do not adhere to electoral cycles. And their timing, approval and distribution should never, ever be politically biased; they should be determined by science and safety alone, launched the Democratic presidential candidate during his speech in Wilmington, Delaware.

He still said do more confidence than ever in the power of science to develop a vaccine.

I trust the vaccines. I trust scientists. But I don’t trust Donald Trump, and at this point the American people can’t either [lui faire confiance].

Joe Biden

The former vice-president also mocked a criticism of his rival, who criticized him during the ABC News show for failing to implement compulsory mask wearing nationwide. I am not the president. He is the president, he said, laughing.

He also accused the president of underestimate the importance of wearing a mask to slow the spread of the virus, citing models that show an increase in the number of coronavirus cases in November.

The United States has more than 6.6 million cases and nearly 196,000 deaths, according to the Wordometers site.

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