Trump denies Twitter to launch Truth Social

Former US President Donald Trump has announced the launch of a new social network called Truth Social with the slogan “stand up to tyranny of Big Tech.” Does not tolerate the actions of the power of big tech companies.

Truth Social will be launched in November 2021 and fully operational in 2022. The platform is a collaboration of The Trump Media and Technology Group (TMGT) and the Digital World Acquistion listed on the Nasdaq or Stock Index 100. Major companies listed on the stock exchange

In Donald Trump himself, in public relations through the media, “I created Truth Social and TMTG for the purpose of opposing big tech companies”, adding that “We live in a world where terrorists are free to use Twitter. But not for your favorite ex-presidents.”

This social media creation may be related to Trump himself being banned by Twitter on January 9, 2021, as well as to Facebook blocking access to his account. 2 years because of what he posted It contributed to the protests that led to riots in front of parliament and at least four deaths occurred in that protest.

How will this social media be? what can i do Still have to wait for the next launch.

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Proofread: Suchaya Ketchamrat


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