Trump ends the relationship of the United States with the WHO

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has given this Friday as “terminated” Washington’s relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), which he has accused of being under the “complete control” of China.

“We have proposed detailed reforms that must be implemented and with which the organization must commit, but have refused to act,” said the magnate, who has indicated that “today we are going to end our relationship with the WHO ».

At a press conference in which the president was scheduled to address the situation in China after Beijing pushed through the Hong Kong security law, Trump lamented that “China has complete control of the WHO despite the fact that only he pays 40 million dollars a year ».

In this sense, and from the White House, he has spoken of an unfair treatment for Washington, which has been contributing with 450 million dollars annually. “The world needs answers from China about the virus. We need transparency. How is it possible that China did not let people leave Wuhan to go to other parts of the country but did allow them to travel abroad? “He insisted.

“They did not go to Beijing (those infected), they were able to freely leave the country and travel the world, including Europe and the United States,” he added, according to information from CNBC.

Trump, who has repeatedly criticized the WHO for its response to the coronavirus and accused it of being at the mercy of Beijing, has previously threatened to permanently freeze US funding for the organization. For Trump, the WHO is “Chinese-centric.” “Fortunately, the WHO recommendations did not convince me when I stopped traveling to and from China and saved a large number of lives,” he clarified.

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Now, after announcing that he will permanently withdraw from the organization, the US president has reported that the funds will be used for “necessary health-related purposes at the global level.”

The United States is the country with the highest number of coronavirus cases, with 1.7 million infected and 362,731 deaths, although China, where the virus was detected for the first time in December, has confirmed 84,119 infections and 4,638 deaths.



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