Trump entrenches himself and takes refuge in his tweets, without acknowledging defeat

In his crusade to denounce electoral “fraud”, Trump seems to have abandoned any desire to govern and entire days go by in which the White House agenda is empty.


03:42 PM / 20/11/2020

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, entrenched in his tenacious will not to admit defeat against Joe Biden, continued his crusade this Friday, November 20, through tweets and retweets, which raises doubts about the way in which he intends to leave. of this situation.

Secluded in the White House while avoiding any contact with journalists, the president began his day by retweeting a video of the anomalous press conference that his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, held on Thursday.

Giuliani defended for almost two hours Trump’s thesis that the Democratic Party organized a large-scale fraud in the elections on November 3, while sweating profusely, to the point that a drop of brown color that emerged from his hair was marked Like a groove on your cheek

This Friday, Trump is scheduled to receive local authorities from Michigan, a state where in 2016 he prevailed against Hillary Clinton and this year lost to Joe Biden.

This invitation, which almost coincides with the certification of the results in that state, generated a wave of criticism.

Bob Bauer, the attorney for Biden’s team, denounced this visit as “pathetic.” “It is an abuse of power, it is an initiative aimed at intimidating those responsible for elections,” he declared, adding that he is sure that this attempt will fail.

This Thursday afternoon, 19-N, Republican Senator Mitt Romney accused the President of exerting “manifest pressure on federal and local authorities” to go against the “will of the people.”

“It is difficult to imagine an action that is worse and that is more undemocratic on the part of a sitting US president,” said the wayward senator.

In his crusade to denounce electoral “fraud”, Trump seems to have abandoned any desire to govern and entire days go by in which the White House agenda is empty.

This Thursday, the President did not participate in a press conference at the White House on the management of the coronavirus crisis, with the vice president, Mike Pence, and the immunologist Anthony Fauci.

Low approval of Trump’s behavior

“It’s hard to imagine how this man reasons,” Joe Biden said Thursday.

“I am convinced that he knows that he lost and that I will be sworn in as president on January 20, which makes this simply scandalous,” added the president-elect, who celebrated his 78th birthday on Friday, just two months before the inauguration. power.

His campaign team did not announce any special events to celebrate his birthday, but he will meet at his residence in Wilmington, Delaware, with Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the House of Representatives and with the head of the Senate Democratic minority, Chuck. Schumer.

According to a study published this Friday, the consulting firm Pew Research Center analyzed the opinion that Americans have on the behavior of Trump and Biden since the November 3 election.

The result is that only 31% of those interviewed approve the behavior of the current White House tenant as good or excellent compared to 62% who give this qualification to Biden.

Nationally, Biden won nearly 80 million votes in November, compared to 74 million for Trump.

However, in the United States the Presidency is attributed by a system of electoral votes awarded to each state, and Biden managed to win by a narrow margin in several key strongholds.

In Georgia, the first count gave Biden a very tight margin of 14,000 votes, forcing him to recheck all ballots by hand.

On Thursday night, local authorities confirmed Biden’s victory, with an advantage that was reduced to 12,200 votes.


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