Trump estimates the number of protesters in Washington :: Society :: RBC

There were fewer protesters in Washington than anticipated, U.S. President Donald Trump said on Twitter.

“Crowd [протестующих] Washington was much smaller than expected. The National Guard, Secret Service, and Washington Police are doing an incredible job. Thank!” He wrote.

Protests in the US began after the death of African American George Floyd. On May 25, he was detained on suspicion of using fake bills. One of the police officers, Derek Chauvin, put Floyd’s knee down his throat during the detention, ignoring the man’s cries that he could not breathe. Subsequently, the African American died in the hospital. A video of his detention hit the Net.

Riots in US cities. the main thing

To determine the cause of Floyd’s death, two examinations were conducted. The results of the first showed that he did not die of suffocation. Experts concluded that the cause of death could be complex, including the circumstances of the detention, health problems and possible intoxication in a man.


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