Trump extends his purge to the director of cybersecurity for endorsing the electoral process

Christopher Krebs knew he was in the president’s firing line. Just as Defense Secretary Mark Esper had his resignation letter ready when he was fired by Twitter, the highest cybersecurity official at the Department of Homeland Security had prepared his reply tweet. “It has been an honor to serve. We did the right thing. Defend today, secure tomorrow. # Protect2020 ».

The motto with which he took office in the cybersecurity agency attested to his greatest achievement, the apparent absence of foreign interference in these elections, something for which the president has hung the medal in Tiwtter. When he published the report in which 59 experts refuted the accusations of fraud with which the president wants to annul the elections, the former Microsoft executive, who has led this body since 2017, knew that Trump’s fury would fall on him. Senior White House officials accused the agency in the pages of the ‘New York Post’ of being a nest of resistance to the Government and the same tabloid reported that the Secretary of Homeland Security was resisting pressure to fire him on the legal grounds that only the president could do it.

The dreaded tweet in which Trump reiterated accusations that the presidential election contained “massive misstatements and fraud, including dead people who voted, supervisors unauthorized to enter polling stations, machine failures that changed votes in favor of Biden, Late Votes and More, ”arrived Tuesday night. “Therefore, with immediate effect, Chris Krebs is dismissed,” he concluded.


Christopher Krebs – Cybersecurity.

“There is no evidence that any of the voting systems have eliminated or lost votes. They were the safest elections in US history »

The former Microsoft executive, whom Trump signed in 2016, thus became “the first person to leave the Administration (that of the Republican tycoon) not only with his reputation intact, but appropriately gleaming,” his predecessor in office tweeted, Suzanne Spaulding. It was his turn to succeed the deputy director, Matthew Travis, who resigned under pressure from the White House, according to “The Wall Street Journal.” The direction of the agency has fallen on the third party according to the line of succession, Brandon Wales, who cannot be fired by the president as he is a career official rather than a political position.

“A Patriot”

Krebs, “a patriot,” according to congressional spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, has not stopped receiving praise from those who even ask President-elect Joe Biden to acknowledge his merits and consult with him during his administration, as did Senator Angus King. . With this, the option that all senior officials now have on the table, who in the coming weeks will have to choose between “lowering their tone” so as not to offend Trump, as the Secretary of Homeland Security asked Krebs, or doing the right and walk away with your head held high, now that the political winds are turning in Washington.

Georgia hand count credits Biden’s win


He planned to finish the largest manual recount in US history last night, without a substantial change in the results. The roughly 1,000 ballots that have been added lower Biden’s lead to 13,000 votes, so the Democrat continues to score state delegates. By following the margin by less than 0.5%, the Trump campaign can ask for yet another automatic recount, which consists of scanning all the ballots, just one more way to buy time. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican and Trump supporter, has defended the integrity of the process and accused Senator Lindsey Graham of pressuring him to discard thousands of African-American ballots. To that same end, the Trump campaign has called for a recount in two Wisconsin districts, after failing to avoid Michigan’s certification. Trump intends to continue the battle until all this is certified, in the hope that it will end up being a like-minded state Parliament who names the delegates who will vote in the electoral college on December 14.

If this were one more season of the ‘reality show’ that Trump had on NBC, among the contestants who sit on the set waiting for the tie in which the tycoon fires them one by one, the director of the CIA, Gina Haspel, and the director of the FBI, Christopher Wray. Others, like Attorney General William Barr, have chosen to follow his instructions and participate in the fraud allegations, which have already reached 70% of Republicans, according to polls, but not among judges.

The last attempt to make them good in the Pennsylvania courts was carried out on Tuesday by Rudy Giuliani himself, whom witnesses found “rusty” in the litigation, because he had not seen himself in front of a federal judge since 1992, when he decided to run for mayor from New York. The law firms hired to play that role resigned due to the weakness of the cases in dispute and the damage to their reputation that comes with defending the president in this diatribe against democracy. According to Axios, Giuliani would have asked $ 20,000 a day for being the last lawyer standing, but the campaign has denied him.

Order to withdraw troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

Before his time in the White House expires, Donald Trump will withdraw American troops from several key places in the world, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The final date for the withdrawal will be January 15, just five days before the transfer of power in Washington, something extremely unusual. The unease in Joe Biden’s campaign was palpable. His team has not made any express statement, given its determination to let Trump govern without interference until the day he is inaugurated to succeed him, but privately he has confessed the uncomfortable position in which the president-elect remains, when encountering all these movements on table.

Trump has made such a far-reaching decision two months before leaving office, when all American presidents are ‘lame ducks’ and often take big changes to be at the discretion of his successor. In this case, there has not even been any consultation, because the president insists that the game is not over and insists on being the legitimate winner of the elections. Republican Senator Mitt Romney himself has considered it highly inappropriate and dangerous for national security, because it will leave unprotected US diplomats at the embassy in Baghdad, for example, the largest in the world.

The Pentagon, headless in the last week, has not completed the evaluation of which troops it plans to withdraw, but everything indicates that the new acting defense secretary will end up bowing to the wishes of a president more concerned about being able to say that he has kept his promises than in the safety of diplomats. The distribution of the remaining troops is the key, since many Democrats admit that reducing their numbers is a sensible thing that fits even with Biden’s plans, just not in the deadlines anticipated by Trump, which will leave him without a tool of control. negotiation in Afghanistan.

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