Trump fired the head of the authorities for not confirming election fraud

Krebs and his team had “worked diligently to secure our elections,” said Adam Schiff, the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. “Instead of rewarding this great service, President Trump is retaliating against cancer and other officials who have done their duty.”

Even Republicans against firing

There was also a lack of understanding among the Republicans of the Krebs dismissal: “Chris Krebs did a really good job – as government officials across the nation will tell you – and he shouldn’t be fired,” said Republican Senator Ben Sasse.

Krebs, who previously worked for Microsoft, had held senior positions in the Department of Homeland Security since 2017. Trump appointed him head of the cybersecurity agency (CISA) in February 2018.

The White House was reportedly particularly unhappy with a CISA anti-misinformation website called “Rumor vs. Reality”. The site rejected claims by Trump, among others, that many votes were cast on behalf of the dead or that a postponement of the vote count indicated fraud.

Biden was declared the election winner on November 7th by the US media. He is due to succeed Trump on January 20th. However, the incumbent still speaks of electoral fraud without providing any substantiated evidence. Trump and the Republicans have filed several lawsuits. The processes have so far been largely unsuccessful – and none of them should be able to overturn the outcome of the election as a whole.

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