Trump gets bogged down in electoral fraud charges | US Presidential 2020 | News | The sun


Donald Trump’s announcement was immediately denounced by the Democratic opposition, which calls for an accelerated process of transition to the presidency of Joe Biden.

“It is pathetic, but sadly predictable, that the maintenance and protection of our democratic processes is a cause for dismissal,” denounced the Democratic leader of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff.

Former presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren, for her part, described the dismissal as “abuse of power” by a “weak and desperate” president.

While a handful of elected Republican Congressmen quickly recognized the Democrat’s victory, many others have remained silent or publicly supported Donald Trump’s accusations of fraud.

The 45e President of the United States, who failed to be re-elected, unlike his three direct predecessors Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, from election day, adopted a very belligerent posture, promising a real guerrilla war judicial.

Since Joe Biden’s victory was announced on November 8, most leaders around the world have congratulated him, reinforcing the idea that no one – neither in the United States nor elsewhere – was taking them seriously. legal actions initiated by the Trump team.

In the absence of any evidence supporting the hypothesis of massive electoral fraud, most of these appeals have since been rejected by the courts.

As in a parallel reality, its most loyal ministers and advisers nevertheless ensure that the ground is being prepared for “a second Trump term”.

And the supporters of the president, a tide of red caps “Make America Great Again”, with whom Donald Trump did not stop surrounding himself in the last hours of his campaign, continue to be bombarded with requests for financial participation for “Defend the election”.

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