Trump gets television preacher Paula White into the White House

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Dusseldorf She prayed at the inauguration of the US President and praises this in the same tonality: "No to Trump is no to God", TV preacher Paula White is considered a spiritual counselor and confidante of Donald Trump. She is now to help him in the midst of the quarrels to impeach an impeachment process and mobilize evangelical voters. Already in the election campaign 2016, she supported him.

White will be responsible for public relations within the White House under the Faith and Opportunity Initiative, which the President launched in 2018. This was reported by the New York Times, citing a government official. The Faith Office should help churches and religious associations to voice their votes in government business.

The 53-year-old belongs to a group of evangelical and Pentecostal-oriented pastors and believes that prosperity and health are a sign of godly life. Whoever succeeds is chosen by God. For her, Trump, as a rich, famous businessman and president, is an embodiment of godly life.

In one of her sermons, White says, "When I walk on the floor of the White House, God is walking on the floor of the White House. I had every right to sanctify the floor of the White House because I was standing there. And where I stood it is sacred. "

Even among evangelical Christians she is controversial with her attitude. Critics accuse her of glorifying wealth and prosperity, which contradicts the Christian doctrine and Jesus, who stood up for the poor, the weak and the sick.

Donald Trump and Paula White

White, the preacher, will be responsible for public relations work for the Faith and Opportunity Initiative. This should help churches to bring in their voices in government business.

(Photo: AP)

The fact that the religious motivational trainer from Florida, Trump's new main residence, is another factor that speaks for her in his view. Trump and White have known each other for many years, once a week they should talk to each other. White bought an apartment in New York's Trump Tower and she was in the final of Trump's previous show "The Apprentice," where she prayed for the crew.

White's rise in American evangelical circles resembles Trump's rise within the Americans, the New York Times analyzes. As outsiders, they would eventually have a large following behind them, supporting their unconventional views.

Anyway, Trump and White are not unlike each other. Both have multiple divorces, are wealthy – White's fortune is estimated at several million dollars, Trump is said to be a billionaire – and both have become known through television.

In addition, both fall by their luxury life and lack of transparency in their finances. In 2007, the US Senate examined Whites' intransparent business practices, but she was unable to prove any offense. Trump refuses to disclose his tax returns. This is also part of an ongoing lawsuit against the US president, in which the prosecutor investigates possible silent pay payments.

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