Trump gives 45 days for TikTok to be sold to Microsoft Page all

WASHINGTON DC, – Presiden AS Donald Trump reportedly giving Facebook time TikTok sold to Microsoft in the next 45 days.

The news was also reinforced by information giant technology based in Redmond, Washington, that they also coordinated with the president.

On Saturday (1/8/2020), Reuters reported, ByteDance agreed to divest TikTok operations in the US, with Microsoft ready to take over.

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However, based on reports The Wall Street Journal, negotiations had stopped after Trump gave a negative signal to the idea.

Then on Sunday (2/8/2020), Reuters preach, the discussion occurred again between Microsoft and ByteDance.

Based on the results of CEO Satya Nadella’s discussion with the president, Microsoft plans to finalize the agreement on September 15.

“During this process, Microsoft continues to dialogue with the US Government, including the president,” the company was quoted as saying New York Post.

Gazetted SCMPOn Monday (3/8/2020), it is unknown what underlies the 74-year president’s decision to give the green light.

It is believed, Trump does not want to be opposed by the younger generation. Moreover, this issue occurs ahead of the US Presidential Election held on 3 November.

The source who obtained information about the information revealed, the founder of ByteDance, Zhang Yiming, and other investors had no intention of selling it to the US.

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The video sharing application launched since 2016 is currently popular, with users believed to reach one billion worldwide.

However, TikTok is also in the limelight amid the tension between “Uncle Sam’s Country” with China this time of year.

The application is blamed to be a tool used by Beijing to gather intelligence related to its rival.

“As long as TikTok is still in the spotlight, we will clearly ban it in the United States,” the 45th president of the Air Force One said.

The application did not remain silent with the General Manager, Vanessa Pappas, providing defense through video uploads on social media.

In his statement, Pappas stressed that they “had no intention of leaving the US”, claiming that they also provided jobs there.

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